Why we should stay hair free + Let’s celebrate National Hair Free Day!

A mom’s routines are tedious, time consuming, dull, monotonous. Except when it comes to beauty. Every mom will find a way to make beauty routines fun, relaxing, and luxurious. In fact, even the most painful grooming routine known to us has been transformed into a pampering experience that everyone can look forward to, thanks to destinations like Hey Sugar.

Here are important reasons why we should stay hair free (thanks to Hey Sugar!):

  • We don’t need to borrow his shaver. I remember before, I alway do borrow it and forgot to return the way he wanted it to be and that started a little misunderstanding.
  • We don’t need to look like big foot in any ways as moms. I mean being a mom comes with a lot of responsibilities in life but, we should always think about ourselves also. We still need to look beautiful to our husbands and also for ourselves, always remember that!

Hey Sugar uses a delicious decadent hair removal method that uses only natural and ever so gentle ingredients that still deliver effective and lasting results. Beginning with their ingredients, down to the expertise of their staff, Hey Sugar raises the bar of one of the most dreaded grooming routines into one that women can now look forward to.

Their whole process is renowned for being so simple, straightforward, and pain-free that you emerge from Hey Sugar feeling smooth, exfoliated and moisturized. If that isn’t enough reason to create a national holiday for it, I don’t know what is. In any case, Hey Sugar will also be offering an incredible pampering treat just for the occasion. Visit your nearest Hey Sugar branch on November 27 from 11AM to 3PM and you can indulge in their free eyebrow threading and underarm waxing services.

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