Why some women chose to stay with a deceitful husband

Being married is the happiest part, but staying married is the hardest part. Most men and also women now are prone to being deceitful. They have a lot of reasons why they cheat, but why some partners tend to stay after they were cheated on? I believe in this quote that I read from Facebook “Cheaters will alway be cheaters,”. I always asked why do they cheat and when asked if they still love you they will answer it with YES. (I mean in big Y-E-S!) But, why did they do that in the first place if they really love their partner?

I listed down some of the things why some women chose to stay despite the fact that their husband cheated on them:

1. Fear of a broken family

  • Women tend to fix all things in life and in the house. And most women doesn’t want a broken and un-happy family. That is why they tend to stick with their partner rather than breaking it up.

2. Most women are financially dependent on their husband

  • Most women are not earning as big as their husband and some women are housewives. That is why we sometimes end up thinking if we could sustain to live alone and feed the children on our own.

3. There is no PERFECT husband

  • Women think that there is now perfect husband and we all make mistakes.

4. Her family will not approved of a broken family

  • Most families does not want a broken and un-happy family. That is why most parents disagree if their children will choose to end the relation rather than continue it. Especially in the Philippines most parents do not agree to have a separation and most of the time women will approved it because they love their parents and so as their children.

5. You’ve invested a lot to your man

  • Women tend to invest more to their better half like, emotions, money, cooking for them, taking care of the laundry and so much more.

Quotes to Ponder:

789ddd1dcc398718516588aae4c0e062 dont-chear-if-youre-unhappy-just-leave if-you-cheat-on-someone-who-is-willing-to-do-anything-for-you-you-actually-cheated-yourself-out-of-true-loyalty


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These are just some of the reasons why women tend to stay to a deceitful relationship. How about you, did you ever felt these things? Have you ever talked to someone who could understand you and your feelings? hit up on the comment button and lets start chatting.

4 thoughts on “Why some women chose to stay with a deceitful husband

  1. Hmm…yes, some people are prone to cheating especially those who are weak emotionally. But I will not agree on ‘once a cheater is always a cheater’ since life is a constant change. BUT- if after all the chances and years wasted the cheater continues to cheat then its about time to move on regardless of what people will say. After all everybody deserves true happiness and respect. If all respect is gone there is no more reason to hold on. (never mind the website above- tagal na yan pero wala pan laman hehe…

  2. I think at this time and age, there are only two reasons why women choose to stay with cheating husbands.

    1. Financial consideration. If that were not an issue, could you imaging how many women have already packed their bags?

    2. Victim mentality. On one hand, there are people (men and women) who have this kind of mentality, that they need to be the victims. True. On the other hand, there is the need to maintain a semblance of a family for the sake of the kids. Such way of thinking is selfish in the sense that it only justifies the victim mentality. There is no way that a marriage like that and staying together can work for the benefit of the children.

    3. If I may add. Above are general statements, but this is such a delicate issue and each couple is different from the others.

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