When it comes to nutrition for my kids, Anchor Milk is my choice!

I know, reading the title gives you a little or maybe more goosebumps, but I am not a fan of milk, in fact I have lactose intolerance. But I tried drinking Anchor Milk awhile ago and I must say, I did get a little fuzz on my tummy but I love the taste of Anchor’s Full Cream Milk.

Actually I have a short story before I went to the event, me and my hubby was preparing to go awhile ago he has been reminding me to give him some Anchor Milk when I get home, it is his fave milk when he was younger, though he insist that he still loves it. It’s just that I don’t buy it daw. HAHA!

But I have known that most milk in the market have a lot of ingredients which is not very good for our children’s health, we should choose a milk that only have a few ingredients, but these ingredients will surely benefit our kids. Like Anchor Milk products which is naturally rich in disease-fighting antioxidants there are produced from 100% grass-fed cows living in lush green farms. They also have less fillers means that calcium is more bioavailable – that means calcium may be more easily absorbed vs. other milk products which contain less natural dairy. And lastly, whole milk provides high-quality protein which has all essential amino acids for faster growth and development.

Imagine the nutrients our kids will get when they drink Anchor Milk, maybe that’s why my parents are so nostalgic when they saw it and they even told me stories about it when I was little. They even notice the new packaging.

It was a super nice afternoon spent with Anchor team and the mommies I’ve missed since my hiatus and I must say It’s really nice to go back to blogging and learning new things like from Anchor Milk.

Anchor Milk products is all made from whole milk. This includes Anchor Full Cream Milk Powder, Anchor Full Cream UHT Milk, Anchor Low Fat UHT Milk, and Anchor Family Milk Choco.

When it comes to providing natural and whole dairy nutrition, you can count on Anchor’s range of quality products to give you #AWholeLotToLove. Visit anchorphilippines.com to know more!

PS: Now I have a changed of heart when it comes to milk. I/we choose Anchor Milk Products!

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