What to Wear in a Wedding as a Guest

As we are halfway into May, wedding season is in full bloom. While many couples prefer their nuptials to be in January and February, the most popular month for weddings is actually May followed by June, as indicated by Wedding Philippines. The latter part of the summer and right before the season of torrential rain, May and June are the perfect months to bring family and friends together to celebrate the love of newlyweds.

Weddings are beautiful, but they can be a little stressful if you don’t have a clue as to what you should wear to the reception. Sure, the invitation may mention a semiformal dress code or a specific theme to help you narrow down your choices, but picking the perfect wedding guest outfit can still be tough.

To lend you a hand in this decision, here are some suggestions in hopes that you can find a gorgeous dress suited for the occasion, without outshining the bride, of course.

The Black/White Tie Summer Wedding

The fanciest of all attires often requires you to spend more on your dress than in other circumstances, opting for darker colors that are normally associated with formalwear. Although the words black tie will have you wanting to go for a slinky black gown, don’t be afraid of going for something lighter, such as the one-shoulder pastel number featured on Glamour.

The Formal or Black Tie Optional Wedding

Formal, black tie optional and cocktail formal more less mean the same thing. Long dresses and formal cocktail dresses are best for this dress code. Brides also explain that dressy separates will also do if you’re looking for something alternative. A classic choice is a modest LBD, but feel free to explore bolder colors and interesting patterns.

The Beach Formal Wedding

As Pretty Me reiterates in one of their style guides, ball gowns are clearly out of the question for beach weddings in the Philippines. And the fact that you’ll most likely be provided flip flops, asked to wear flats or even go barefoot, the attire would also be relaxed. Tea- or knee-length hems are best for this occasion. In terms of fabrics, fun prints work well with the beach scene. For those going the nontraditional route, consider going for a two-piece, such as a crop top and a high waist skirt.

The Semiformal Outdoor Wedding

Cocktail dresses or a dressy skirt and top are recommended by The Knot. To avoid look too casual for the event, try opting for darker hues for an evening affair.

The Casual Wedding

Whether the fete will take place indoors or outdoors, the main items you want to avoid are jeans, tanks and shorts.  While the invitation may note “casual,” you still want to pay respect to the couple and dress up a bit. A sundress is an easy option. What people would wear to a semi-casual or semiformal work environment is also perfectly acceptable for this kind of wedding.

With this guide, you no longer need to fret about wedding dress codes, making shopping easier and more enjoyable at the same time.

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