Want to have that #KilayGoal? Check out Happy Brows + Something new at the Nailaholics

I never been a fan of #KilayGoals, I mean I’ve been wearing my glasses since I was in grade 2 that’s why I never really got to love make up and other girly things and besides that I am into martial arts that does not requires me being in make up or fixing my face after I got to be beaten up (haha!).

I am a mom now and still no, interest with make ups I just have my cushion and my loyal lip balm and lipstick and that’s it for me. I never even bother to achieve that #KilayGoals at this time because I grew up not being into doing that staff. But so you know there are times in our lives that we need to try things in life even if we’re too late for that, I mean there is no age bracket on where you should start to care for your brows image right?

Thankfully my site is now up, I can share with you the first time experience I had in achieving my #KilayGoals and tried the eyelash perming also. I’d love to document what I did but I just have photos of my eyelash perming sesh, I wish I had my son with me that time so he can video the whole first time for me (haha!).

What I love about the Happy Brows?

  1. The Instagramable place. I mean if you’ll see it in person it’s super chic and very girly and will surely don’t want to go out anymore ‘coz you’d live to have your very own photoshoot inside.
  2. The prices are very competitive.
  3. The groomer are so kind and they will let yo feel you’re home. Specially on my side that it’s my very first time to try these kind of beauty regimen I end up really trusting them to take care of my brows and lashes.
  4. Lastly, a service with a lot of smile + they’ll let you know on how you can take care of your brows and lashes.

So, what are you waiting for? Try Happy Brows now, it’s not just always about having a lot of clients, but they intend to give a warm hospitality inside Happy Brows. Check them now!

By the way, you know mommies and ladies that I’ve been having my mani-pedi at Nailaholics, they have this new scrub which can surely make you feet very very happy! Imagine you just need to upgrade your foot spa experience into an Epsom Salt experience! It can surely destress and detoxify your tired feet and if you want to take home more salt Nailaholics also sells packs of Epsom Salt for P250! Can you imagine that?  Head on now to the nearest Nailaholics in your area and try the newest Epsom Salt craze!

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