In time for Halloween, Elro Retail released Dark and daring collection

Halloween is also a time for you to be fashionable and dazzling, not all of us do the trick or treat, but most of the time we join Halloween parties and this is the time to buy your newest pair of sandals from Elro Retail:

Dark and Daring with Ipanema

Ipanema’s new collection is inspired by this fall 2017: shimmer and afterglow. 

Ipanema Wave Lux Fem is worth P1095 and just have the right sparkle for you. It’s available in black and bronze.

Ipanema Class Exclusive Fem is worth P1295 and it has been used by the Miss World candidates last August for their swimwear. It’s a sleek metal thong and easy to wear sandals. and available in black and purple.

Ipanema Brasil Trop IV Fem is worth P1295. Its very comfortable and the height is just very comfortable to wear. The metallic straps will surely add shine to your feet. It’s available in black and rose brown.

Dark and Daring with Zaxy

Zaxy starts the new trend to sandals this 2017 with their Sliders. Zaxy Snap Top Slide Fem is worth P1395 and has a striking and elegant texture for an exotic marine creatures which unleash your inner mermaid. Available in black and grey.

Dark and Daring with Rider

Slide shoes are not just for us women, but guys also would love this design. Rider’s Infinity Slide Ad is worth P1595 and is created for active men and it features a soft dry foam tech for a much softer sole. Available in grey and striking green.

Grendha’s Funky Three

Grendha is known as to have a relaxed style, but with classic and elegant touch. Now they are offering 3 styles to adapt to women’s everyday need.

Grendha Chic, is made for women who loves classic, but stylish. It can also be used from day to night from work to party with a classic twist.

There are two sandals under Grendha Chic: Grendha Sense II Thong and Grendha Celebrar Thong, both priced at P1195

Grendha Sporty is made for women on the GO, that’s why Grendha Sense Slip On worth P2095. It provides less impact while walking and ensures stability. It also have EVA insoles which gives more comfort when walking.

Grendha Sexy is for the sassy and chic kind of women. It has embellishments and has metallic details. There are also 2 sandals under Grendha Sexy, Grendha Acai VII Sand worth P1395 and Grendha Celebrar Sandal worth P1595, both are very comfortable and have a delicate design.

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