The best camera sling bag + reviews and guide to purchase

Having your camera at hand at all the right moments is key to taking amazing shots. But carrying it with you all the time may feel like a balancing act.

Unless you have a decent camera sling bag. Our guide will uncover the key factors to consider when buying one.

What Camera Type Do You Plan on Carrying?

Despite their compact design, most camera sling bags (see a full list here) still differ in size and their size depends on the camera type you use:

  • Mirrorless cameras Also known as Compact System Cameras (CSCs); mirrorless cameras boast light small-size designs ideal for most consumer-grade applications. Not as bulky as their alternatives, mirrorless cameras easily fit in the smallest camera sling bags out there.
  • DSLR cameras Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras allow you to control finer aspects of photography and cater to professional-grade applications. Because of a more sophisticated design, DSLR cameras are larger and heavier, requiring sling bags of special sizes.
  • Video cameras Some video cameras may have rather bulky dimensions. And video recording as such often calls for more gear. Camera sling bags that can fit video cameras and other video recording equipment usually have a corresponding size.
  • Drone cameras Aerial imaging technologies are here to stay, and they’re rapidly changing the game of both photography and videography. As a result, some camera sling bags come with unique size and proportions that work for drone cameras.

Go for the camera sling bag that comes with just the right size for your device.

Are You Going to Carry Only Your Camera?

It goes without saying that a camera sling bag doesn’t work well for carrying many things in it. If you’re serious about photography or videography, though, chances are that you need to carry more than just your camera. A decent camera sling bag must provide enough space for all your other gear as well.

From cables and batteries to lenses and tripods, many accessories might have to travel along with your camera. Some enjoy having their tablet or laptop at close hand for editing and uploading photos and videos on the go. After all, photography and videography are art forms, and creative needs differ.

Account for all camera accessories you’ll need and select the most appropriate storage capacity.

How Many Items Do You Need to Organize?

For most people, finding a camera sling bag with ample storage and correct size is a win already. But these features don’t count for much if your device and accessories get scattered all over. That’s where camera sling bags with inside and outside compartments and pouches can come in handy.

These neat sections can keep your camera and other items secure and help them stay in their spots. As a result, your equipment won’t bounce or get tangled inside the camera sling bag, getting scratched or seriously damaged. And you won’t be dealing with a lot of frustration from this.

If you like keeping things in order, camera sling bags with compartments are certainly for you.

What Hand Is Your Dominant One When Shooting?

Due to their design, camera sling bags bias one side of the body over the other. Because of this, it’s well worth checking if a given camera sling bag works for your dominant side. While this detail may seem insignificant, it has profound influence on the way you feel using your camera sling bag.

Wearing a camera sling bag that matches your dominant side provides your dominant hand with an easy reach. You get to enjoy comfortable access to your camera and other parts of your equipment at any moment. When an opportunity for an amazing shot arises, you’ll be able to take it without hassle.

It pays to make sure that a camera sling bag works hand in glove with your dominant side.

Where Are You Planning to Use Your Camera?

Needless to say, cameras are delicate gadgets and don’t handle reckless treatment well. Sometimes, all it takes for a camera to malfunction or break is exposure to the elements or slight impact. Best camera sling bags take this into account and provide a decent degree of protection from such scenarios.

If you plan on using your camera in extreme weather, a sling bag made of weatherproof materials is a must. And a camera sling bag with a sturdy design is necessary for crowded areas where people can run into you. You can’t be too careful when your equipment is on the line.

Opting for a camera sling bag that’s proof against weather and impact is never an overkill.

Do You Want the Bag to Be Comfortable?

It shouldn’t be all about your camera and the accessories you use for it. Your comfort matters too. A camera sling bag must be comfortable enough for you to wear it without any hassle. Ideally, it must feel like a silent helper that you don’t even notice wearing most of the time.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of camera sling bags with features that allow for that. Most camera sling bags come with padded straps that help disperse the pressure from the weight more evenly. And many camera sling bags have a special waist strap that helps the bag sway less.

Which Styles and Designs Do You Like Best?

It’s all too easy to consider everything except for how your camera sling bag will look. And yet, there’s no reason why its style and design shouldn’t matter. Check out all the available options. And go with the camera sling bag that you find the most aesthetically pleasing.


Are Camera Sling Bags Safe for Your Spine?

Camera sling bags are safe for the spine if you don’t load them heavily. To stay even safer, alternate the sides you wear them on here and there.

Can You Wear a Camera Sling Bag Differently?

Besides wearing it over your back, you can wear a camera sling bag across your chest. As well as around your waist and on your shoulder.

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