Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Wedding Planner

Choosing food catering for your wedding might be a daunting task. You need to consider various aspects, such as food taste, experience, and price rate. With all the food catering services in the metro, how will you know if you are choosing the right and best food catering service for your wedding?

Apart from choosing who will be your food caterer, selecting the right wedding planner for you is tough, too.  Before you hire your wedding planner, here are some of the essential questions you can ask to get to know more about your potential wedding planner.

Are you available on our wedding date?

This one is the most essential question that should be in your question list. You do not want to waste time if they are not free in your wedding date, right? However, if your wedding date is still flexible, you still negotiate with your preferred wedding planner.

What is the cost of the average wedding you plan?

Budget is everything. It is very important to ask this question since the cost of their service will be one of your deciding factors when hiring them as your wedding planner. Know if they have a range of prices or if they have a minimum wedding budget that they can work with. This enables you to see if their cost is within your price range. If not, you can consider looking for someone else. Moreover, a wedding planning service should be at least 15 percent of your overall wedding budget.

How many weddings have you already planned?

Wedding planning experience is very important. You should choose a wedding planner who has enough experience in preparing and planning an emotional and personal event, such as a wedding. Knowing that they had plenty of wedding events covered before shows that they are efficient and trusted in their field.

What types of venue do you work in?

Ask this question to determine their scope and limitation when it comes to wedding venues. Planning a wedding in a five-star hotel and organizing one in a campsite setting is a totally different thing. Know if they are versatile and can handle any kinds of wedding themes.

How many weddings will you be working on at the same time?

The capability of a wedding planner to handle various couples at the same time should be one of your deciding factors, too. Of course, you want their full attention on the day of your wedding. By this, they can be keen and focus on every single detail of your wedding.

How many people on your staff will be at the wedding day?

Ask if how many event assistants, coordinators, or stylists your wedding planner is planning to bring on your wedding day. Knowing that they have enough people to work on the different areas of your wedding is definitely a plus point for them.

Hiring the right professional wedding planners for your wedding is definitely rewarding.

So before saying yes to your potential wedding planner, ask these questions to guide you accordingly.

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