An open letter to a MOM who has been cheated and felt unworthy of love

To the wonderful mom who’s heart is shattered all over the place,

I know you heart is broken at the moment and I know it’s fairly even beating anymore, but you need to be strong so that your kids won’t see you sad and down. I know you’ve been questioning yourself if you are worthy of love or does you mean anything to him. You’re wondering why she was o the other end when your relationship is known and you’ve been asking yourself what did you do that pushes him to cheat on a good woman like you, because you made him and your children your world, you made him feel that you were on his side when your heart is still scattered all over the place.

I know you’ve been cheated over and over again, but you still manage to open your heart over and over to him. But, this last time, you’ve been asking yourself if opening your heart again will stop the cheating or it will just continue. You’ve been asking yourself if you can trust him with all your heart, because this time is very different because you can feel that he still loves her or maybe you just can’t find the correct path to trust him again. And finally you’ll think about, why he did that to you and then go back to you again and asking you to stay when all you just wanted is to walk away.

Then you considered staying, but there’s this hanging question “Will he cheat on me again?” and you’ll go nostalgic and be reminded on pain, brokenness and betrayal. How can he tell you he loves you when he also tells the other end that he loves her also? And then you wanted to leave him again and finally you have decided to pack your things and before you did that you have thought about your kids, what will they feel if you leave them if they’ll have a broken family? Then you will decide again to stay and give it a shot, but your life is a mess when you’ll stay with him because the other end will threaten you over and over again.

I know it takes time to heal, but when you’re a mother every second counts and everything in life has to thought about because all of your decisions will affect the children and we never intend to hurt them, that’s why you ought to stay and just keep the true feelings you have inside you because you don’t want to hurt your children and you don’t want to leave him just like that because you knew he was a good man and you know he is still is.

I know this is very hard for you right now and knowing that somebody is there to listen and knows how you feel right now is all you need this time. I know you’ll find peace and happiness in every teardrop that falls in your eyes. God always listen and he will never leave your side specially this time of trials.

I wish happiness and peace on our special day! Happy Mother’s Day and always remember that our work is the hardest job in the world!


A Mom who’s been on your shoes


PS: Never ever think that the mistress is better that you always think about why he left her for you and she will never replace you in your children’s heart. 



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