NIU: A Luxury Buffet but light on your pocket


We all heard about Vikings and we love their buffet, but Vikings have its newest brand NIU by Vikings. NIU is different from the Vikings buffet because the ambiance is like a hotel, but don’t worry about the price because it’s light on the pocket.

I personally tried NIU last October 11 at the Blogapalooza event. Thanks to my good friend Sol for inviting me and my husband in. When I first saw the place it was like WOW! The ambiance was really like you are in a hotel. Before we got in we asked the one of the employees if where is the ladies room and he even brought us there (so courteous of him, plus point for him and NIU). The ladies room was so so so beautiful, it’s a work of art not a ladies room (ha-ha).

After our ladies room tour, they informed us that our NIU tour is on, our tour guide is Sir Bryan, he explains all the sections of the buffet very well and he even take our photos very professionally (that was amazing!) NIU’s food is really delish and the staff is super courteous. Will be going back soon to review them again, so here’s some of my photos for you to visualize and enjoy to imagine NIU and by the way don’t forget to drop by the newest and very enticing buffet in town NIU.

SAM_1172.JPG SAM_1171.JPG SAM_1170.JPG SAM_1168.JPG SAM_1167.JPG SAM_1165.JPG SAM_1164.JPG SAM_1162.JPG SAM_1161.JPG SAM_1160.JPG SAM_1158.JPG SAM_1157.JPG SAM_1156.JPG SAM_1155.JPG SAM_1152.JPG SAM_1151.JPG SAM_1150.JPG SAM_1149.JPG SAM_1147.JPG SAM_1146.JPG SAM_1145.JPG SAM_1143.JPG SAM_1141.JPG SAM_1140.JPG SAM_1137.JPG SAM_1136.JPGHope you love my photos and hope you can imagine how beautiful and scrumptious the food is. Sorry if I haven’t got the name of all the food that I took.


3 thoughts on “NIU: A Luxury Buffet but light on your pocket

  1. Mommy, ikaw nga yung lagi ko nakakasalubong sa Blogapalooza.hehe…na shy type akong i-approach ka..toinks..Sadly, di kami nakaabot sa registration sa NIU. Anyways, looking forward to meet you again in our other events. 😀

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