Inquisitive Mommy: ASUS VivoBook S510U

It was our second time to review an ASUS Laptop and we are still on the process of how can ASUS produce a very light weight laptop, but still has every in it. The new ASUS laptop we’ve reviewed is the VivoBook S510U. Here’s our in-depth review about the said unit.


The ASUS VivoBook S510U has a smooth metallic finishing and a very sophisticated and light weight laptop. When it comes to reviewing laptop, we always compares it with my very old MacBook Air and I must say ASUS can compete with their design and sophistication. It has speakers made by harman/kardon which gives a very nice boost to music or movies. Another surprising feature of the VivoBook S510U is that it has a keyboard light, now it’s very easy to type in the dark.


The VivoBook S510U does not have touch screen capability. But the screen is almost edge to edge which I think is one of the coolest feature of its screen. I think binge watching is highly encourage with this kind of laptop.


The VivoBook S510U have a soft touch keyboard and a backlight like in MacBook which you can adjust brightness depending on the ambiance you are in.

When it comes to touchpad I think we did have a little hard time using it or maybe we are just used in the MacBook touchpad commands. It’s not very responsive though sometimes it just flows smoothly.


We use NovaBench for benchmarking and here are the results:

Novabench Score: 916
CPU Score: 409
RAM Score: 174
GPU Score: 275
Disk Score: 58



I think VivoBook S510U has a good battery life with a bloggers lifestyle. It can last up to 2-3 hours of nonstop audio and video playing, plus surfing the internet and writing articles.  Charging time is also around 1-2 hours. For me it’s pretty decent laptop specially for bloggers like me.

Why buy the ASUS VivoBook S510U

There are a lot of laptops in the market, but VivoBook is far the best laptop if you are looking for a light weight and sophisticated one. It look premium, but wold not break the bank. You’ll enjoy working, writing  and binge watching wit it. I think as a mom and a blogger the qualities this laptop have is the quality I am looking for in a laptop specially now that my laptop is a little bit wonky. You’ll be more than satisfied with this laptop for sure!

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