[Updated] Inquisitive Mommy: Alcatel Go Watch + Move Time Track and Talk Watch

The Brand

Alcatel is a Chinese owned electronics company which is TCL Corporation. It was established in 2004 as a joint venture between Alcatel-Lucent which is 45% share and TCL which is 55% share. It is also the subsidiary of TCL group of companies.

Package Inclusion

Alcatel Go Watch

Alcatel Go Watch

  • Alcatel Go Watch
  • The box
  • usb cable
  • Safety information sheet and who to use sheet

Alcatel Care time watch

Alcatel Move Time Track and Talk Watch

  • Move Time Track and Talk Watch
  • The Box
  • USB cable
  • The screw (the device requires nano sim)

The Design

Alcatel Go Watch
Have a very chunky look and can be compared with G-Shock watch, which is made of all plastic. The wrist strap is rubberised which is very suitable for a sporty look and will surely be dust proof and water proof. It can also be tagged as the rugged looking smart watch.

When worn

What else you can do on your Alcatel Go Watch?

Alcatel Move Time Track and Talk Watch

This smart watch for kids looks like Fisher Price with the colour combination. My son is into its colour because it’s very kid like and feels like a kids toy watch. That is why his classmates are into it and wanted to have it as a watch (I think they are convincing their parents to buy one for them).

When worn

The Specs and The PriceAlcatel Go Watch.5

Alcatel Go Watch Specs:

Compatible Mobile Platforms
Android 4.3+
iOS 7+
Social Media
Incoming Call
Text Message
Incoming Notification Options
View Content and icon only
Smartphone Remote Features
Camera Shutter Control
Music Control
Heart Rate Monitor
Water Resistance
30m (3 atm)

Alcatel Move Time Track and Talk Watch

black and white OLED display
380mAh battery
Companion app is compatible with phones running Android 4.3 and above, iOS 7 and above
IP65 dust and water resistance, can be sprayed by water.
802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0
Choice of two bright color schemes
Two-way calls with microphone and speaker
Can track your kids
Charges with a small magnetic dock

The Alcatel Experience

Alcatel Go Watch

You can sync the watch with your phone when you download their app “Move”. Though you can still use it as your “normal” watch even if you don’t sync it with your phone. I listed some of the features that I truly love and like about Alcatel’s smart watch below:

What I love?

  • It’s dust proof, shock proof and water resistant. Which I think really suits beach person.
  • I love the colourful menu.
  • the display because it does not have pixels, its like looking in a smartphone.
  • compatible with my phone and my family’s phone.
  • the heart rate tracker, since I have a very slow heart beat. I can easily track if I will be over 100 beats/minute.
  • Camera and Music control
  • battery life. Can last up to 2-3 days when not sync with the phone.
  • the price 🙂

What I like?

  • It’s a bit big, sporty and I perspire immediately, that is why I end up removing it when I am walking under the sun or outside without any air-condition.
  • I cannot change the icon and colour in the menu.
  • I cannot download any other apps in the watch unlike other smart watch.

Would I recommend it? 

I think I would recommend it to the people who are into sports and those who are into G-Shock watches because Alcatel Go Watch have more to offer that the normal watch. Price wise it is much affordable than the other smart watch and it is very easy to operate and sync in your mobile phone.

Alcatel Move Time Track and Talk Watch

(This review is from my 9-year old son’s perspective of the gadget)

My son has ADHD and he is the kind of kid that will disappear when you go malling or just strolling around. That is why this watch is such a necessity for us to be able to watch his every move and where he is going to. Here’s his take on why this watch is for every kid like him:

  • It is very colourful and my classmates thinks it’s just a toy watch.
  • Upon reading and watching how it works, it’s really a necessity for every parent to have this watch for their kids. Though, mommy and I haven’t use the device it’s really fun to have this watch because I can send an emergency signal to my mom, just in case.
  • Mommy’s mobile phone got corrupted after downloading the apk app to use the watch, that is why we haven’t tried it.
This was the message when mommy tries to download the apk after she scan the code in the small pamphlet. Then her phone got corrupted and we cannot use try the watch.

Overall, if I have a chance to really use it. I think it would be a big help for me and mommy because she can easily see me and I think this is also good for our dog, but I don’t know how he can use it.


We have recently used the Alcatel Move Time Track and Talk Watch and we love it so much and I think it is a must to all parents who have children that’s having a hard time to remember what they are told to do. The first trial is when I just downloaded the app on Alcatel Pixi 4 and after that we put a nano sim on the watch to try it. I did have a hard time registering it, but when we finally got the code it’s easy peezy. I asked my son if he wanted to bring it to school and test it, he decline and worried that his classmates might play with it so I gave it to my husband before he goes to the office so we can try it.

This is from our trial when my husband brought it to the office and upon opening the app I can see that he’s in Sgt. J. Catolos which is his office address and when I open it to the map that is where exactly his office is. This is very safe and very efficient for us since Kwek have ADHD and would normally run away when we are in the mall, with this watch we can easily locate him since it has a built-in compass and map. By using this watch we can literally know where he is. Check this link >> https://www.globosurfer.com/best-compass-watches/

These photos are from the test we did at home when I tried calling the watch and we also tried the recordings and it really works! Kweky wanted to review this on his own, but I was really so excited about it, that is why I ended writing about this.

The final question is always, would I recommend this? Off course I will this is very useful for parents with toddlers and with special needs. This is really a lifesaver for us and we would literally be an OC mom.

Will update you more on pricing and availability details soon!

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