How to Lower Your Next Cell Phone Bill

How much does your cell phone cost? If you’re like most people, more than you like! According to J.D. Power, a global analytics company, the average person pays $157 every month for the privilege to screen calls and play Among Us. 

Money management rule of thumb says to cut expenses you can’t afford. But when it comes to your cell phone, you can’t go without this line to the outside world. Not now that it’s the only way you can keep in touch with people during lockdown.

So, what can you do to keep your phone and pay your bill without busting your budget? Keep scrolling to find out!

Reserve Borrowing Money Online for Emergencies

When you come up short of what you need, you may consider taking out an installment loan online. An online installment loan is a convenient way to get extra cash in a hurry. But there are rules about how and when you should use these online direct loans.

Generally speaking, they’re designed for unexpected emergency expenses. It may not be the right fit for your cell phone bill because you can expect this bill to arrive at the same time each month. 

There may be some exceptions, such as when you accidentally go over usage limits and have a bigger bill than usual on your hands. As long as this is a singular spike and not a recurring issue, you may consider installment loans for help. 

But first, take some time to research these online loans to see if they’re right for you. Your time reading can help you answer the big questions like why are installment loans popular, how much do they cost, and how can you qualify for one? 

Tweak Your Data Plan

Unlimited data plans sound attractive, but be honest — do you really need an infinite number of gigabytes every month? Probably not. You’re likely relying on your Wi-Fi now that you’re spending most of your spare time at home. 

Take a look at your usage habits and consider switching from an unlimited plan to a cap. CNBC reports people who have data limits spend $22.37 less each month than those with unlimited plans.

If you make the switch, take a look at this guide to stay under your limit every month. These habits can help you avoid a painful spike that forces you to turn to online loans for help. 

Handle Your Phone with Care

Updating your phone on a regular basis may seem normal, but it’s an expensive habit. The latest flagships can cost more than a thousand dollars outright, and their payment contracts are supercharged as a result. 

You’ll have to update your phone one day, but you can limit what this costs with the following tips:

  • Protect your phone to reduce how often you have to upgrade
  • Adjust your budget so that you can buy no-contract phones
  • Consider certified pre-owned phones

Cut out Unnecessary Charges

Take the time to scrutinize your bill carefully. A thorough inspection will reveal you’re paying for things you don’t use. 

Opting out of the following fees may help you save a great deal on your monthly bills:

  • Enhanced voicemail
  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Paper billing
  • Phone insurance

Don’t Be Afraid to Shop Around

While these simple changes to your habits will likely bring down your overall bill, you might have to switch carriers to see a massive change to this monthly expense. Try today’s tips first, but don’t be afraid to jump ship and join one of the smaller carriers. 

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