Foods to Avoid if You Have Diabetes

It’s not easy to be diagnosed with diabetes. Aside from taking appropriate medicines like Victoza, you also have to monitor your diet constantly, and ensure that you aren’t eating something you’re not supposed to eat.

Are you a bit bewildered and need some enlightenment? Then you’ve come at the right place. This post will tackle the foods you need to avoid if you have diabetes.

What is diabetes?

To have a basic grasp of diabetes, it’s important to understand the function of insulin in your body first. Once the food you eat gets into your body, it’s transformed into sugars or glucose. As a response, your pancreas will release insulin.

Insulin makes it possible for glucose to get absorbed by your body, and consequently be utilized for energy.

For those who are diabetic, however, the same scenario doesn’t apply. They don’t have the adequate amount of insulin in their bodies, and without it, the sugar doesn’t get to enter your cells, and they will just stack up in your blood.

What foods should you avoid?

Because of this, you need to veer away from food with high doses of fat, carbohydrates, sodium, calories, and cholesterol. Aside from foods that are known to have a lot of sugar, here are others that you need to avoid:

Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

These include soda, and sweetened iced tea and lemonade, among others. They’re definitely the worst drink choices to gulp down for someone who is diabetic.

These drinks are also associated with insulin resistance because of the fructose they contain, which can ultimately lead to obesity, fatty liver, and other conditions.

Trans Fats

Foods that have these are terribly unhealthy. Although they don’t really increase the blood sugar level, they’re linked to insulin resistance and a decline in the HDL or the good cholesterol.

They can normally be found in the following foods:


Peanut butter



Frozen dinners

White Bread, Pasta and Rice

As you might already know, these foods are loaded with carbohydrates, which can raise your blood sugar.

Fruit-Flavored Yogurt

Diabetic people can opt for plain yogurts. But fruit-flavored ones? Maybe not a smart idea. They aren’t an alternative to ice creams, and they may have just as much sugar as ice creams.

Sweetened Breakfast Cereals

They are highly processed, which means that they contain tons of carbs

Specialty coffee drinks

While nothing is really harmful about a cup of coffee, most of these designer coffees and frappuccinos are smothered with whip cream (which has high calories) and are loaded with an insane amount of sugar.

Dried Fruit

Because of the loss of water, the nutrients of these dried fruits have become very concentrated—that is, including the sugar content.

Fruit Juice

As for fruit juices, they aren’t really as nourishing as you might presume them to be, since they’re really just mostly sugar.

French fries

Potatoes already possess a high amount of carbs. And once they’re peeled and fried, they get worse.

Key Takeaway

Diabetes is a very frightening diseases, and it afflicts more people than you realize. Aside from taking medicines, those with diabetes also need to be mindful of what they eat, as some foods can really spike their sugar and cholesterol level—which is the last thing they want.

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