How is it to fall in love to a married man?

I haven’t had an affair to anyone, but I was really wondering on how was it really to be a mistress or the other woman. So, I asked my husband and some friends who have the same situation as mine and also people who have tried to be one and I was really amazed on the guts that they have to enter a wrong relationship.

I remember asking him (my husband) how it happened and he told me it started when the misstress’ friend asked him out for lunch and it became a habit even after office and she starts to ask him if they have the same route going home, so they can be travel buddies.


They have an on and off relationship and it lasted for how many years and their only way of communication is text and she became much more demanding of his time and effort, until he gave up and stopped the relationship and after a year or two, they ended up doing it again. And, Sunday is their day until they became a couple again and they have the copulation of a boy and girl in love that is trap in an old age. I think she never thought of the things she has done to me and my child, that she is ruining my child’s life because of the love she have to my husband.


Is she really happy when she can have his full attention and love from somebody who is already taken? We all know that we cannot choose who we fall in love, but we can control our feelings and set that feeling free specially when the man we love is already taken.

Why most mistress lie about what really happened between the man and her, why they need to always tell that the husband and her wife is no longer together or they are having a marital problem. When you know that’s not really the case,  when you really wanted is to replace me. Why would you keep on reminding him that you truly love him? And when will you be free?



I felt like a bummer, when I was reading her text to my husband on how she really feels that time, maybe it was her idea to text late that night to let the wife know about their affair. But, I understand that it is her way of telling that she had my man all along and she was in love with him.

I felt that being the other woman was a game of hide and seek and wanting to have his time, but you can’t asked him because his family always matters no matter what. That’s why you would do anything in your power to take the wife out of his husband’s sight for your to be the new one.

I must say that I salute every mistress, who tries to ruin every happy family. I mean it’s hard to hide the feelings while you wanted to kiss and hug the man you love and just wanted to say that “he is mine”, but you can’t because he have a family, but why some women wanted to be one? to be a mistress? When they can have their own, that can love them unconditionally without any restrictions.

I wish love to who ever is feeling the way I am feeling right now, a wife who was cheated on and the mistress is keeping on bothering her, to the mistress who wants to find true love and to all the women who wanted to move one and who has been wronged and hurt. This is all for you, comment down and let’s talk!

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  1. OUCH, natamaan po ako ah..I have an ex na naging kami pero may anak na sya sa ex niya din. Ok lang sana kasi d naman sila kasal and tpos na nga sila, so he’s only gonna be a father sa anak nya. But his ex, nagpupumilit na panindigan siya at ibahay, so nglakas loob ung ex niya tumira sa kanila habang kami. It hurts a lot na I really felt kabit. Nagtagal naman kami hanggang sa andaming pagsubok, masasakit na moments, konti na lng masasaya. I ended it but still it hurts me kasi mahal ko pa rin sya.

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