Dyson Pure Cool: Is it worth the investment?

How many times do you usually clean your house? Two times or three times a week? Did you know that even after diligently cleaning your house, indoor pollution can still be prevalent inside your house. Sadly, we don’t even realize that our daily activities and the things inside our house cause indoor pollution.

There are a lot of questions about how to keep the house clean. For us, we sweep, mop and wipe all the areas and things inside our house almost everyday. Since we have a dog, we use cleaning agents with strong chemicals just to minimize the odor. We usually close the windows to prevent the smoke that come from the vehicles. But still, our house gets dusty and dirty in an hour or two.

But have you heard of Dyson? They have a product called the Dyson Pure Cool, which senses, captures and purifies the indoor pollution and brings out purified air as a replacement. This is interesting.

Here’s my in-depth review about it and how to use the Dyson Pure Cool.

The Dyson Pure Cool, is very lightweight. Upon opening the box, the unit was packed intricately to prevent the product from damage.

The unit also comes with a charger, remote control, manual, and filters. It is very easy to assemble; even my 12-year-old son can do it. The LCD display of the unit shows the details of how clean or dirty the air inside the house. Details like temperature, Nitrogen Oxide levels, and presence of pollens can be seen also on the screen. By the way, the purifier can rotate up to 350 degrees!


They also have the Dyson Link App, that gives the user the ability to control the unit from a smartphone. What’s more exciting about this, the settings of the Dyson Pure Cool can be  operated anywhere, whether in or outside the house, as long as the user has the Dyson Link App.

Upon trying the Dyson Pure Cool for a week, it helped me determine whether the air in the kitchen, the rooms and the living area were clean or not. The quality of the air inside our home can also be tracked, through the LCD display and the Dyson Link App. Good thing, the Dyson Pure Cool purified the air inside our home, and we’re sure that we don’t inhale any kind of indoor pollutant.

Here’s what you’ll love about Dyson Pure Cool:

  • It’s lightweight.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It can  detect harmful, ultrafine air pollutants at home.
  • Energy saver
  • There is the Dyson Link App where we can turn on and turn off the purifier wherever we are.

Here’s what you’ll need to think about the Dyson Pure Cool:

The price is P44,500.

What’s my verdict?

You need this to protect your family from all the harmful air pollutants inside your house and minimize the chances of getting allergies – even our dog who is very sensitive to dust, is relieved from scratching. It’s also very economical as it is low in power consumption.  The fact that you can now detect the air quality in your home, this is surely a two thumbs up!

For me, the price is more expensive compared to other air purifiers in the market, but when you think of the benefit it gives you and your family, plus the very low electricity consumption, I think this is worth the shot. The Dyson Pure Cool almost perfectly cleans the air from pollutants with its ability to capture 99.95% of harmful pollutants inside your home.

For more information about their products you may go to their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DysonPH/

or website: https://www.dyson.ph/fans-and-purifiers/purifiers/dyson-pure-cool/overview.aspx


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