Why BGC is known as Artsy City

Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is a very well-known spot in Metro Manila. Students from different schools and universities like to hangout in this place due to the many hip locations available to them. Foodies and shoppers also go here in order to visit many shopping malls and restaurants that line its streets. Property investors frequent it as well to look at different condos for sale in The Fort.

However, at the moment, BGC is letting itself known as an artsy city. This is because of all the murals that decorate its numerous buildings.

Some of the iconic ones would include:

Calamansi and Sampaguita

Photo Courtesy: ourawesomeplanet.com
Photo Courtesy: ourawesomeplanet.com

Artist: Francisco Diaz

Location: BGC Corporate Center

Both the calamansi and the sampaguita have significant implications to the Philippines. Traditionally, calamansi (calamondin) is used by Filipinos in their funerals to cleanse and purify their dead loved one’s body. Sampaguita, on the other hand, is the nation’s national flower, which represent reverence and humility. Common folks also know it as the flower that street kids sell on the streets to get by.

The importance of these objects stayed with the Filipinos during times of turmoil. Francisco Diaz has recognized this and has decided to showcase it in his mural.

Let’s Roll

Photo Courtesy: wazzuppilipinas.com
Photo Courtesy: wazzuppilipinas.com

Artist: Dog and Pony

Location: Back wall of Bonifacio Stopover, overlooking the Shell gas station and facing 32nd Street

The “Let’s Roll” mural in BGC may seem too simple. But this one actually has a deeper meaning, which you might only get if you know more about the international artist, Dog and Pony.

This group has been inspired by the society as well as its relationship in the urban landscape. The phrase, “Let’s Roll,” which they painted on a building in one of the most urbanized spot in Metro Manila, literally encourages people to start moving to begin a project, a mission, an attack, or some kind of activity.


Photo Courtesy: impermanent-art.tumblr.com
Photo Courtesy: impermanent-art.tumblr.com

Artist: Kris Abrigo

Location: Net One Center

Kris Abrigo’s Manpower pays homage to the Philippine’s labor force. It is pretty much a celebration of their collective power and human strength that can transform a society. Abrigo has stated that he painted this mural in BGC to provide these everyday heroes a reminder of the important role they play in society.


Photo Courtesy: ashleydy.com
Photo Courtesy: ashleydy.com

Artist: Nate Frizzell

Location: Timezone, Bonifacio High Street

The artist Nate Frizzel is popular for his spray paint creations, which mostly depicts realistic children. “Charlotte” is another one of his work, which you can immediately tell because of the little girl he spray painted on Timezone’s wall.

Other murals

Of course, there are so much more murals, which you can see in BGC. A number of them are:

Magsasaka (Farmer)

Photo Courtesy: says.com
Photo Courtesy: says.com

Artist: Aleili Ariola and Archie Oclos

Location: Burgos Eats on Rizal Ave (by Teriyaki Boy)

May You Find Comfort Here

Photo Courtesy: tigersandwhatnot.blogspot.com
Photo Courtesy: tigersandwhatnot.blogspot.com

Artist: KFK

Location: B1

Between the Lines

Photo Courtesy: stylishlypassionate.blogspot.com
Photo Courtesy: stylishlypassionate.blogspot.com

Artist: Cyrcle

Location: Icon Plaza Building, Federacion Drive (near the corner of 26th Street and 7th Avenue), BGC

BGC is certainly a better place with these murals around. The next time you hangout in the area, be sure to snap a few photos of these beautiful and meaningful works of art!



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