BDJ Freedom to Dream 2019

We all have dreams.

A dream to be accepted in that top universities.

A dream to be a model in a famous magazine.

A dream to have a coffee shop.

A dream to become successful.

Big or small dreams you have, it shows your personality and molds your character. Those dreams inspire you to live your life to the fullest.

However, life has its own perspective. In order for you to reach that dream you have, you will have to undergo many struggles, pain, hardships and even stress could get it in the way!

This year, the Belle de Jour Community held its annual summit and according to them, this was their first summit which focuses not only on women issues, but also among the Filipino youth. From my blog title, it was their first ever Freedom to Dream Summit, held last April 13, 2019.

This summit had 3 plenaries with different topics and speakers. In between those plenaries, the program has fast talk sessions. Let’s get into details.

The summit was held at the Red Carpet, Shangri-La Plaza. I was with ever-supportive boyfriend, Bong, at that time. Our original plan was that he will just dropped me off but the fate told us that we should go together and so, we did.

(c) MSP Photography
(c) MSP Photography

And here is the setup outside together with their partner organizations

The fun part of every event like this? FREEBIES! I post it at the end of my blog.

The program, of course, starts with a prayer and national anthem. And before we totally start, we just witnessed an amazing performance, Ms. Eleana Kaye Marie Gabunada

And the moment of truth, the lessons and words of wisdom from all the speakers. The program was divided into 3 plenaries with fast talks in between. The first plenary is all about Raising Self-Worth (Below are the first part speakers)

They talked about their inspiring life stories – on how they dealt with different struggle. But what they really want to share in the crowd is that “Be yourself. Know your capabilities. Do not dwell on the things that don’t work for you.”

After the first plenary, we had the session of fast talk on Social Enterprises.

This time, this session talks about how each speaker started their line of business or their passion in helping other people. These inspiring women had really made an impact in my life. They value people over money. They choose to help others in the best way they could even if they don’t have everything at all. I salute them for their hard work.

The second plenary discussed about Igniting Passion.

These two made me inspired to really pursue my passion. These two have been taking different paths toward the same goal – success. What I’ve learned from them was that, “Do not be afraid to start. Your dream begins outside of your comfort zone. Pay attention to what you really want in life.”

After the second plenary, FAST TALK! The topic on this session is all about Creatives/Artists

These second fast talk speakers are artists. They use their talents as their source of income. My reflection in this part was that: “We all have unique God-given talents. We just need to explore ourselves and someday, those talents can be an investment.”

The last plenary was all about Making It Happen. The last 2 speakers motivated me to keep going. “It may take a while to pursue that dreams of yours, but you gotta keep your heart on it. Never get tired. The reward will always be in the end. It’s all worth it.”

These two were popular for their skills. But before they were recognized, they had gone through years of practice until they reached their expertise. One of the important ingredients in order to reach your level of excellency is Patience.

Below is the art work of Ms. Jessica Lopez that won many awards. Her art work was made from bones of fishes. Try to zoom in. Enjoy!

At the end of the event, before the concert starts, Quest challenged us to be one of them – BE A GAME CHANGER. AN INSPIRATION TO ALL. NEVER TIRED TO SEARCH THE REAL YOU.

And oh, here’s the freebies we got from the event!

I would like to thank Ms. Arcee, for letting me experience this once in a lifetime event. And to Ms. Mir, for accommodating us on the day.

So, start recognizing your self worth, ignite that passion and make it happen. After all, WE HAVE THE FREEDOM TO DREAM ♥

P.S. All photos are mine.

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