Am I a bad mom when I have a “Me Time” at least once?

Being a mom or a parent is super tough, this means leaving your freedom at the doorstep of your home and spending all your time in maintaining a home and taking care of your kids and your spouse.

I think the only me time that I have is doing my facial remedy or taking a shower, but most of the time my kids and dos would normally go with me when showering or just want to pee.I don’t know why they are so clingy to me that I forgot to have an alone time.

And most of us when we splurge to expensive things got a guilty feeling that I should not bought that in the first place? I remember the last time I roam around this mall and I was about to buy the bag then suddenly I though of my kids needs and wants + my dog needs his yearly vaccine so I ended up leaving empty handed, but I don’t regret it as my kids told me that I have a lot of bags then  I let them take a peek on my closet and they saw just a few. My youngest asked me where’s all my bags and I told him that I sell most of my vintage and the ones that I inherited from my Mom so I can help their dad for the tuition and other expenses at home.

Then there’s this instance that my eldest told me that it’s okay to be a bad mom just once in your life and asked me to join the event of “Moms Day Out” though I am so much hesitant since I think I’ll be home late, but I did went to the event and I’ve been calling them every now and then and then they both told me that I am a good mom and no matter what they will always be proud of me so I need to relax myself and enjoy the night. Then I shut my off to do that and here are some photos from the pampering that was held at Onsen Spa, I’M Hotel.

Photos from the seminar

Photos from the pampering


I also learn a lot at the seminars held about loving myself and also financial independence that every mom should know, special the ones that have kids who are going to school already. What I learned about being a mom, it is okay to be a bad mom and there is no right or wrong when we are doing our mom duties as long as we know that are kids are going to grow up as good citizens.

Thanks Sun life and Onsen Spa for the treat!

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