9 Common Mistakes in Designing Your Home

So you finally have the home of your dreams.

You step inside some furniture store in the Philippines in sheer excitement, eager to adorn your interiors the way your heart demands it. You wander around the isles, and breathlessly purchase one item after another.

Once you put them in their respective places, however, you realize that something seems to be awry. Did you choose the wrong color for your couch, or the wrong material? Are the decorations inappropriate for the vibe you’re aiming for?

Don’t fret—you can avoid these mistakes if you know what they are. Don’t fall into the trap of choosing distasteful designs and be a smarter customer.

Arm yourself with the right knowledge and make your dream home come to life.

Here are 9 common mistakes people commit when designing their homes.

  1. Your lighting is unsuitable.

Lighting is powerful—it can change the entire atmosphere of your room. Make sure that your lighting isn’t too harsh or too dim.

If the lighting in your living room is too jarring, then it can affect the character of your house. Your home might not appear as a warm and inviting place.

Focusing on just one source of illumination isn’t the way to go either. Don’t merely stick to your chandeliers. You can also add secondary lighting (by lining the wall sparsely with bulbs, or by utilizing lamps).

  1. You blend dark furnitures and low ceilings together.

If you do this, the room will appear cramped and stuffy. What you can do instead is create an illusion of space by choosing light-colored furnitures.

  1. You don’t get the most out of your curtains.

Don’t underestimate your curtains. They can also help in making your room appear more spacious. Hang them as broadly as possible, and choose more vibrant colors than the other textiles in the room.

  1. You invest in wrongly-sized furnitures.

It’s very enticing to just buy the largest furniture you can find, but don’t succumb to that temptation. Similarly, don’t miscalculate the size of your room and opt for horribly small items instead.

Make sure to check the exact dimensions of your rooms before buying something. All items you choose should ensure the optimum comfort for your family.

  1. You misuse heirlooms.

Heirlooms are a fantastic way of personalizing your space. However, don’t force these olden items into your home if they just don’t harmonize with the rest of your room.

  1. The composition of your decors is unpleasant.

Don’t just stack your collection and decors randomly. Display them in a pleasing manner. Experts suggest arranging them into groups—also called the rule of threes.

  1. You have too much or too little storage.

Take into consideration your family’s lifestyle. Do you really need that spare storage area, or should you transform that into a guest room instead?

However, make sure to have ample space where you can stack your items. You don’t want clutter accumulating all around your home.

  1. Your storage boxes are exposed.

Having a place to store your items isn’t sufficient. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing an unsightly storage box peeping through—and ruining the rest of your interior.

  1. You choose paint first before furnitures.

If you choose to paint your walls first, you might have an arduous time finding furnitures that will match your room (considering your style and budget). Choose the material and fabrics first—it will be more seamless to match them with the perfect paint later on.

Key Takeaway

It’s easy to be ecstatic when you enter some furniture store in the Philippines. After all, you’re finally about to have the home of your dreams!

However, if this is your first foray into home design, then you might commit mistakes that can convert your dream sanctuary into a disastrous place.

Awareness of these errors, however, can help you avoid them entirely.



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