Z Hostel Cafe and Bar: New food destination in the heart of Makati

Z Hostel has been in the industry for about a year. They may not be that long in the hospitality industry, but they have proven that they can compete to local and international hostels. They are tagged as the Philippines’ first luxury hostel. With their 5 star amenities and ambiance you will surely feel like home.

Z Hostel does not offer only lounging, but they also now venture in the food industry. They have launched their newest menu for their guest to love. But, they can also serve it for your Christmas party, meeting or special occasions.

Z Hostel Cafe and Bar serves traditional Filipino food because most of their guest are back packers they wanted to let the foreigners and Filipinos experience and love our culinary history. Here are some the example of there food they are serving:


You will never get wrong with Filipino food. We have the best chef and best cooks in the world and Z Hostel Cafe and Bar is also one of the emerging Cafe that can compete with international cafe. Check out soon my full review at www.thesatastefiedchef.com Please also check out their social media accounts so you can get more updates about their newest offerings.

Facebook: Z Hostel Ph
nstagram: @zhostelph
Website: www.zhostel.com

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