You’ll believe Aswangs are true with ‘Tabi Po’

I remember back in the days when my Lolo would tell me stories about Aswangs, kapre and the likes and most of the time I ended up dreaming of them and asking my parents where did they come from and why would they feed on humans? The question won’t stop until now that I have my own family, how did these stories became the talk of the town if it wasn’t really true?

Thanks to Cignal TV for being brave and bold in takin the time to talk about the lives of Aswangs in a mini series, Tabi po.

What’s Tabi po? or is it just another Aswang movie or series which  tells how gruesome these creatures are?

Tabi po is a story of a neophyte aswang named Elias who is born from a tree during the Spanish era. And started when Elias met two older aswangs named Tasyo and Sabel in a quest in knowing their true nature. On their way to an adventure, Elias met a sex slave named Salome and falls in love with her. Imagine having the urge to just eat the love of his life and also battling the growing rift between him and Tasyo and his inner demons.

What I love about this is that it maybe a little gruesome, but it shows a lot of emotions like love and how beautiful it is and being in love to a human when you are a flesh eating creature. There are a lot of questions like, where did they came from? What’s they’re purpose? Are they all just flesh eating? We are all really have a lot of questions in mind if they really exist.

By the way, Tabi po is an adaptation from the best selling author Mervin Malonzo and it was directed by Paul Basinilio and lead by Luis Alandy as Tasyo, Phoebe Walker as Sabel, Jourdanne Castillo as Salome and AJ Muhlach as Elias.

Tabi po will premiere on October 27, 2017 and will air every Friday at 8:00 PM on Sari-Sari Channel from Cignal TV. It will last until December 1, 2017.

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