A Word called LIFE

I love capturing sceneries, especially when it has a very good landscape and has a lot of trees. I feel close to nature and to our creator. I feel nostalgic and think about life, that it is indeed so short and so precious. I love admiring life ever since I got the BIG C. So when a friend of mine invited me to come with her to Heritage Park for her meeting I instantly say yes. Maybe you’re thinking that it was really melancholic or surreal that I wanted to go despite all the “kasabihan” that if you have an illness, you should never go to cemeteries or columbarium, but I really don’t know why.

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It was a blogger event when I got to experience the scenery first hand, I was in shock at how beautiful and how it was constructed without thinking about it is in the cemetery and I visited a columbarium. Most of you who will be reading this may think that I am out of my mind, but it’s your freedom to think about it. The night was filled with fun, music, food and lots of games and prizes.

Here’s what I am thinking why I love writing this event and why I love to share it with you. I have cancer and my doctors told me that my journey would most likely be ending 4 years from now (since I was diagnosed 2012). So I was so frantic that I bought a life insurance for myself so when I die my family would get something and I also talk to my doctors that If I die I would love to donate some of my organs to people who are in need. So I was really excited for this event since I really wanted to plan my burial and I was thinking if I would go for the traditional one or I would be cremated and what color of the flowers and candles should they decorate and the song that they will play when they will put me into rest or cremate me. That really excites me, I’ve accepted the fact that I am dying and anytime soon I’ll be gone and I wanted my parents and my family to know what I really wanted for my burial. I wanted it to be happy, commemorating me for who I am, the songs that I like, the flowers that I love and all the things I do in my lifetime (maybe now you’re thinking I was really crazy, as if this post is about my last will and testament *giggles).SAM_1280SAM_1281 SAM_1279

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Aeternum means eternally, always, perpetually, constantly (from http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/aeternum). Aeternum Park Estate Columbary is the country’s first and only garden columbary. Aeternum Park Estate Columbary is in the heart of the Heritage Park. The design of the columbary is like a flower. As per their website, the columbary is shaped like an Anthurium because of its shape (heart) which depicts love. Aeternum Park Estate Columbary is owned and manage by Fort Park Estate, Inc.

Aeternum Park Estate Columbary is like a haven where family can go on a picnic and children can play and run their heart out. The peacefulness and the natural ambiance of the place is a great place where you can conduct photo shoots for weddings, debuts and other special occasions. This is not your ordinary columbary, this is a place where you can pray for your love ones who rest eternally and be with your family to bond and to cherish the memory of those who are gone already. It is a place not to be sad, but it is a place where we should commemorate life.

The place make’s me feel nostalgic, but with my friends I really had fun and I forgot that I have so little time left, but who knows when will God call you? Despite of cancer I LIVE my life well and I want to LEAVE my love ones Well.

 Life is like a coin. You can spend it anyway you want, but you have to spend it once. – Lilian Dickson

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