You all know that I have a gay son and I am really proud of him. We (my 2 kids and I) went to the mall after PFC (Parents – Facilitators Conference), Since Ahia (my eldest son) wanted to buy his new shoes. The shoes he wanted is the so called “The hidden wedge” I was not shocked that he wanted it. So we are looking at shoe store all over the mall. Then he decided to check this shop ( I will not tell you unless you ask me *wink) for their hidden wedge shoes. Finally, after a loooong walk he decided that this is the one true shoes (like your one true love. I ask the sales assistant to look for his size and this is what she said.

Ma’am pambabae po yan

Then I answered back.

Yes, I know. My son is gay kasi.

Then she looked at me with a weird face, then asked of her companion to get the size that we wanted and after giving the shoes to us I realized they were looking at us  (maybe they are curious) and I saw that they are somewhat gossiping and laughing about something. I know they are talking about my son, so I didn’t interrupt them, then after my son decided that is the shoes he wanted I got up and pay for it. The two sales people can really not contain laughing and gossiping even I was in front of them. So I just ignore them. After paying the sales assistant said.

Thank you, ma’am, come again. (Mimicking a gay voice)

I wanted to go back and confront them, but I didn’t do it not because I am scared or what, but I wanted my son to know how proud I am of him being gay and I just explain that some people aren’t really open for gay kids like you and I finished my sentence with “Be strong”. I don’t know why people are making fun of gays, they are human and have feelings buti na lang my son didn’t realize na pinaguusapan na siya since he’s really busy about his shoes. Always remember that almost all gays are very successful in life never underestimate their capabilities.


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