Why Jolly Corn Kernel is every moms bff + No Cook recipe with Jolly Corn Kernel

Who doesn’t love corn, I mean we can use corn in everything. That’s why we usually keep a can or two of Jolly Corn Whole Kernel on our grocery stack. My family use to munch it as it is, we just open the can and drink the corn water and that’s it, but sometimes we make it a little like the “commercial” type of shredded corn we put butter and cheese powder on it. You can also use it to your fried rice or even do corn soup specially this rainy season. Jolly Corn is also very affordable yet the corn inside the can is overwhelming.

Here’s a very simple (as in very and corny also) no cook recipe from us!

Korny Arcee.

No Cook recipe with Jolly Whole Corn Kernel.


1 can of JOLLY Whole Corn Kernel

1 pc of spoon

1 large mouth

1 big happy belly


1. Open the can of JOLLY Whole Corn Kernel.
2. Put spoon inside the JOLLY Whole Corn Kernel. Then scoop a spoonful of Corn Kernel.
3. Then put the spoon to the large mouth.
4. For sure, your belly will be very happy.
5. With Jolly you don’t need anything else their corn kernel is delish as it is. Try it now!

For more recipes check Jolly’s Facebook page /JollyFood or their Instagram account @jollyeatsph

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