Why Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is important and what does it mean?

With the growth of the plastic surgery field in today’s society, more and more horror stories from plastic surgery procedures have risen in number. Much of the time, it is usually from plastic surgeons that, whether they’ve been in the field for years or not, were not certified with the ABPS, or the American Board of Plastic Surgery. While problems can arise from any type of surgery, knowing that they are certified gives you a sense of support in knowing that it warrants just what your plastic surgeon has knowledge and training for. Being board certified is not easy.

What Does Certified Entail?

When your plastic surgeon is certified, you can have some general confidence that they know what they are doing. Why? That’s simple.

Being a successful plastic surgeon takes up to 16 years of college and medical school education according to Dr. Kirman (https://www.drkirman.com/), with the emphasis being in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. Your surgeon during his medical training is supervised directly by a senior or other board certified resident, and they have to be able to pass a rigorous test that ends up being a 2-day process; they are evaluated by not only their knowledge of just about everything in the cosmetic surgery field, but also their code of ethics, their purpose, safety, and their approach – to ensure that they can do just about any surgery with or without experience successfully.

What Does the Board Do?

The ABPS has a common goal to ensure that plastic surgeries are performed correctly, and that their certified surgeons are willing to do the job right, and willing to help serve you to the fullest extent.

It’s Important Your Dr. is Certified

The reason you want to do all of your research about a surgeon to make sure they’re certified, is because as you may find in all media platforms, board certified surgeons that have undergone the relentless self torture to make sure you get the best service and surgery success possible give you a sort of “insurance” factor. Also, while researching plastic surgeons, you’ll easily see that most of them have almost ten times more positive reviews than just someone who has become a plastic surgeon themselves. You can consider a certified cosmetic surgery specialist a true professional, and many times, they have the customer service skills to not only walk the walk, but talk the talk when it comes to getting the job done for you.

If your surgeon isn’t certified, there may be other problems, such as a sufficient lack of post-op care and treatment that most certified surgeons offer. You’ll also be able to tell when your plastic surgeon is just “pulling your leg” as opposed to being able to provide all information needed to answer your questions with confidence and ease. There are many advertisements out there for plastic surgeons, and the ones that end up making it are indeed ABPS certified. This is similar to other stories in other fields. You wouldn’t want an interior decorator whose preferred job and experience is web design or graphic design, right? What about a guy who builds computers to install your home network for $60? Or would you want to hire that same guy for $100 when he is certified with various IT technician field licenses? While those skills may aid them in the process, they are unessential and unnecessary to our needs. That is what an ABPS certified surgeon does for you compared to the other surgeons who don’t have the backup credentials to prove they can do the job right.

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