When life gives you a bitter-sweet experience, giving up is not an option (Dapat Lang!)

Becoming a parent is hard, but when you have someone to count on and lean on like a husband, everything can be easily accomplished. I remember when I got pregnant at 15, I knew I was ready to become a mother then, I knew in my heart that I can take care of this child. It was just like the saying about love: age doesn’t matter. And I think that’s true even in becoming a mom.

But, what if that perfect fairytale has another story to tell, that the one you love is not there to help you, cook for you and just be with you? And when that happens you cannot give up since you already have children who count on you to be strong and fight for them? Losing

someone is hard especially when they are taken by death. I think most of us are scared to die because of our loved ones—what will their life be like if we are not around anymore, just like in the video. But the dad never gave up, so should we.

Here’s my story about life, relationship and anything you cannot imagine.

I gave birth at 15 years old and was with the boy who I thought would give me everything, but he just gave me nightmares. I stayed with him for three years for my daughter’s sake. I didn’t want a broken family. It’s hard living with a drug dependent partner and you were too far from your own family that’s why I leaned on to my high school friends and learned to do vices like smoking and drinking alcohol at an early age. Then when I cannot take it anymore, I left, but I left with flying colors, because I was the Valedictorian of our class.


A new life and beginning…

When I left, I thought life had ended and no man will ever love me again because I was a young mom. I never thought that time will come and I will fall in love again, and this time I asked the Lord if he will allow it and I saw the sign, so we pursued the relationship and became a couple and eventually became a family. Having another baby at 18 was not the best idea, but my parents supported it and even insisted that I finish college after giving birth. I never thought that fairytales will fade slowly again.


The ups and downs…

I thought I had a very wonderful family until I felt that my husband was starting to have his own life and I knew there was someone else, but who was I to judge, I’m not God. This kept on happening until I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Grade 3 Bone Cancer. I was devastated, I never thought it was possible for God to give any more challenges. My kids were growing up and started asking about what’s happening and my eldest was also battling with her identity at the time. So, I decided to be much stronger and faced all the problems alone to protect my children from getting hurt. I eventually gave up on my husband and let him go as Cancer ate me up alive—and no one but me knew about it.

I was stabbed to death by the man I love, beaten by cancer, but I never gave up and came out victorious…

After a year of hiding my cancer to my family, I eventually told them about it. My mom couldn’t contain the emotions she had that time, she even asked God why he was giving me all the heartaches and pain. My husband still stayed, but I knew he was still with someone else, until my children confronted him and told him that we can live without him.


Love, patience, perseverance and faith helped me through the storm…

I’m now cancer free for 2 years (I think). I think I can say that we are a happy couple and have a happy family. There are still ups and downs in my life, but I never gave up on and continued fighting on. I patiently believe that everything in my life will be okay. Quitting is an option for the weak, but when you are a mom, you can be strong for your kinds and even beat Cancer.

When life throws you a bitter-sweet of everything, you just need to be prepared and take the challenge, because giving up is not always an option. It’s like when you are cooking, you can never know that you can cook until you tried to do it and most of the time practicing it can make everything a little bit of perfect.

Kaya pag alam mong hindi mo na kaya, tuloy mo lang, malay mo sa dulo niyan may liwanag din.

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