What to try at Kuya J’s Restaurant

Kuya J’s has been in the market for quite some time and they made a mark in every Filipinos heart as they served Filipino food with a heart. Recently I’ve dined at Kuya J’s Shaw Boulevard branch and here are some of my top food finds:

Tortang Talong:

Egg batter/coating was crispy, eggplant was tender and tasty.
Chopped bell pepper or siling pang-sigang can be added for taste or slight spice.

good for 4-6 servings
rate: 4/5

Baked Scallops:

Scallops were deliciously baked, tasted fresh and well complimented by the butter.

good for 2-3 servings or just for ONE!
rate: 5/5

Beef Caldereta:

The beef was tenderly cooked and the sauce has the right combination of sweetness and spice.

good for 2-3 servings.
rate: 4/5


Sinigang na Baka:

The beef was tenderly cooked and the soup blended well the natural taste of beef and the variety of veggies

good for 3-5 servings.
rate: 4/5

Pork Sisig:

Crispy, tasty, has the right amount of spiciness and most important…, not very oily!!!
Could have added a bit more of the onions

good for 3-5 servings
rate: 4/5

Crispy Pata:

The skin was crispy, the meat was cooked well though it was not quite tasty

good for 4-6 servings
rate: 3/5

Fried Rice with Danggit:

Tasty and not oily, but could have add a bit more of the danggit

good for 3-4 servings
rate: 3/5

Garlic Rice:

A bit much of the butter making it quite oily in its texture

good for 3-4 servings
rate: 2/5

Duo Halo-halo Espesyal:

The combination of the milk, ice shavings and ube was good and has rich taste.
Could have added more in terms of the quantity of the other ingredients (macapuno, nata de coco, caramelized saba, ube jam and langka).

good for 1-2 servings
rated: 3/5

Catch latest news from Kuya J’s on their Facebook Page: /KuyaJResto, Instagram: @kuyajresto and their website kuyaj.ph.

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