What to expect when you go to Dr. Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital’s First Time Mom Unit?

I was a bit early for the event and got to take photos of the unit before everybody is busy taking photos and checking out the new mom unit. The very first thing they did is that they let me sign in their log sheet and take information about how long my pregnancy is and then I told them that I am not, I thought that time that they will not entertain me because I was not pregnant, but they informed me that the unit is also there to help mommies who wants to conceive another child in the future.

Booth outside the hospital

It was really a nice gesture that a hospital is willing to help moms-to-be and moms who wants to conceive again to have a formal knowledge about pregnancy. Finally, after a little chitchat with their super lovely information people, I have my card with me that I can use to attend in all the seminars and forums that will be held in the unit and what’s really nice about it is that, it is for FREE!

Got my card already!

After I got my card, I went to the unit to take some photos. It’s really a nice room and I think this room will be full of mommies and expectant daddies who are all be anxious with their baby, this will be also the venue where mommies will learn about safe pregnancy and delivery. The launching also highlights some baby products that can help mommies and daddies with their new born. They got to take home some essential things like diaper, baby soaps and they also got to check on their bone density, blood sugar and their blood pressure.  I think if I was a first time mom that day, I will surely do have fun with the freebies and the knowledge you’ll get with the products + the lectures and proper way handling a baby and doing CPR.

at the ribbon cutting and blessing of the First Time Mom Unit of JDMH

If you are a first time mom or wants to have another baby, please check out Dr. Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital and check their First Time Mom Unit! You’ll never regret having a lot of knowledge about your pregnancy and what to expect when you are about to pop. Get your free membership by  visiting the First Time Mom Unit  or by calling (02) 924-4051.

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