Facebook is really helping us meet new friends and catch up with old friends. This is also a way to promote products and services and don’t forget we also use this to post what we feel and share photos that catches our eyes. Some post you read from your friends page may send you to the world of paranoia but lets all think that this is how our friends feel and the post is not always about someone or something. Most of the Facebook statuses that we read is somewhat annoying and somewhat beyond what is norm and beyond the pale. Beyond the pale is an idiom which means unacceptable or unlawful. I am guilty about this, most of my posts is somewhat annoying to someone but come on, Facebook is all about what we feel that is why it always ask us “What’s on your mind?”. So here’s a guide to let us know what kind of writer are we.

The Attention Seeker
Always have status every minute and every second of the day. It may be in a photo or written form. This kind of writer will always seek to be notice.

The Bragger Queen or King
The bragger is a kind of writer that always tells about how good life is and how fab her new shoes. It’s all about everything happening to her/his day to day life. and not even the new shoes and bags but also how perfect his and her relationship is.

The Cabalistic (mysterious)
The cabalistic is a kind of writer which will post about something that happened to him whether good or bad but not in a complete information. It is tricky and mysterious because we do not know what really happened.

The Desolute
This writer is always lonely even in his post. His post are so sad and lonely that his friends can feel what he is feeling right now.

The Verbatim Dude/ Gal
The writer is all about telling us literally what is happening. (e.g. “I’m on the mall and will go shopping at F21.”)

The Narcissist
We are all aware that taking “selfie” is somewhat a psychological disorder. The narcissist is the selfie king or queen and mostly they are really into taking pictures of their food before eating and their new gadgets and so on.

All kinds of writer that I discussed is based on what I observe from my friends and also from me. I am a self proclaimed newbie blogger so I think I am guilty about all of these kinds :). I really wanted this to be interactive so guys please comment below so we can add more kinds of writer. Don’t take my post negatively I think we should be aware of what kind of Facebook writer are we. Hope to hear from you soon 🙂








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