What are your dreams when it comes to blogging?


I have always been a dreamer. I have this essay written way back when I was in college and that essay made me realize that I can write (But I know I am not a really good writer).

I started writing again last year and find myself going to events and writing about my experiences. I review restaurants, hotels, spa’s, salon, products, etc. which could say I really love doing it and now I can say that now I am a legitimate Online Story Teller (My long term for Blogger. Although I really don’t know about SEO and other topics).

As a dreamer I always dreamed to stay at home and watch my kids grow up, play with them, and write what’s on my mind and share it to everyone who reads my post and I think I have achieved that now. And I am very much overwhelmed by what my website has reached and what I have also achieved in telling my story.

How about you, what are your dreams when it comes to blogging and what pushes you to blog more? Share your insights below and let’s have a little chit chat.

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