Wedding Reception Must Haves

Wedding Reception Must Haves

After a carefully planned and successful wedding ceremony, comes the more energetic, lively, and equally memorable wedding reception. Like the wedding ceremony, there are certain essentials that are a must in every successful wedding reception. There are a lot of elements that can make or break a wedding reception, which is why it’s important for people to know what or what not to include in this memorable event. At a glance, organizing a wedding reception may be like organizing a huge party, but it isn’t simply just an event where you can put anything that fits and hope for the best. Here is a list of the essentials and must haves of a successful wedding reception.

Picking the Right Venue

A key to a memorable and successful wedding reception is choosing the right venue. The very first priority is to make sure that the venue fits all the guests invited, along with having enough space for activities, like dancing. Having a well-spaced and comfortable venue will ensure that all guests feel welcome. Being able to reserve a venue is another challenge apart from picking one, as there are numerous wedding receptions happening every month and there are a number of people planning the same event.  Picking the right venue is the very first priority.


Good Food and Drinks

A great wedding reception is not complete without good catering. It’s important to accommodate the wants of the guests, while also offering a mix of fresh and familiar cuisine. The food can also depend upon the wedding theme, so most guests, for example, would expect Asian cuisine in an Asian-themed wedding reception. Along with great food come the drinks. The drinks need to be the right balance of juices for the young and casual guests, while also having the right amount of alcohol for the older guests. Having the right mix of food and drinks is essential for the guests for them to be satisfied.

Good Music

No wedding reception would be complete without the newly-wedded couple’s first dance, as it is a staple of a wedding tradition. The dance that follows is the one that the guests would have a good memory of too. It is important to pick the right people to perform or play music that fits the joyous and positive atmosphere of the event. One can go with the traditional band set-up (complete with a wedding singer to serenade the newlyweds), with the option of adding a string, wind, or brass section. Wedding planners can also pick disc jockeys to play music that matches the mood of the event. Having the right music makes sure that the guests are in a great mood to dance and celebrate.



One way to make your wedding reception stand out and be unique from the rest is by using beautiful and eye-catching decorations. Having the right decorations would have a wow factor among the people in attendance. One must also be aware that decorations should not be overdone, and that having the right balance of decorations would make the experience feel much more accommodating. Having a uniquely themed and well-decorated venue will ensure that your wedding reception will a memorable one that guests would talk about for quite a time.

Photos and Videos

A great wedding reception is simply a very memorable one, and the best way to ensure that is to be able to capture the best moments of the event. Hiring a professional photographer and videographer for the event makes sure that all the important parts of the reception are captured. Having a photo booth is also a viable option, ensuring that the guests have an instant souvenir from the event. Ensuring that the important events are covered secure that the memories are preserved for both the guests, and the newly wedded couple.


In the end, the wedding ceremony and the reception afterwards are two events that would remain in the memories of people for a very long time. These must haves would simply make sure that everyone in attendance would have the best time in a very important moment in a couple’s lives.

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