Wedding Proposal Guide for Women Who Wants to Defy the Status Quo

If you’re a strong woman, but you’ve fallen madly in love with a man, then don’t worry about losing your independence. As a matter fact, you can further cement your love as well as your respect for yourself by breaking the status quo a bit. How? By being the one to go on bended knee. Yes! As many wedding catering service and event planners attest to, more and more women pop the question instead of their male partners every year. While this may not be so traditional, this actually works out great because there are no rules to follow! You can make your own.


But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to have a few things in mind before you take the bold and unconventional move. Here are the guidelines you need to propose to your man:


Permission from Parents

Yes, you do need the approval of the parents. Not for the sake of tradition, but for the sake of respecting your future in-laws. However, you can take the more unconventional approach by asking his mother for permission instead of the father. It only seems right to get some motherly blessings if you aim to be one in the future.


A Ring?

Face it, a ring is a very feminine object. Of course, your fiancé to be will love one if he gets it from you; especially because of its meaning. But why not get something a little more manly like a watch? It’s something he can wear every day; just like a ring. You can make this or any other wearable you choose into your special engagement ring by engraving the proposal date on it.

Is He Ready?

Only you can say for sure. But of course, if your love is oozing out of your eyes, then most likely you have talked to him about it. Watch out for the really positive signs, such as discussion about the future, kids, wedding venues, places to live, etc. If it’s obvious that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, then go ahead!


Be Patient

If you’re going to propose to your man, then, of course, do it for the right reason. Impatience is not. Never ever go down on bended knee because you’re tired of waiting on him to ask you. Instead, propose because the love you share is something you see the two of you living with for the rest of your lives.

The Judgment of People

Yes, people will judge you; especially those who are more traditional. But in the end, it’s the love between the two of you that matters. If your closest friends and family see that the love is true, then they won’t care about who made the proposal from the two of you. Anyone that judges you has no right to do so. You should probably also leave them off of the wedding guest list.


Men are Less Emotional

Just being straight with you: you proposing to him may take him aback. He might not have expected you to do it at all, especially because of what tradition dictates. It may even be overwhelming for him and he may not be able to give you a right answer right away. That’s because he needs to think about his answer first. If he does this, then don’t take it personally. Men are wired that way because they are less emotional. After all, you don’t want to have a half-hearted “Yes”. Let him think about it and listen to his reasons, if he says “No”.

Key Takeaway

Since this is an unconventional proposal, then it’s really up to you how you want to do it. But it’s all about being sure that your man will love being proposed to.




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