Ways to give love to your Lungs + A brief background about Lung Cancer

Did you know: That most Lung Cancer patients are non smokers?

Our lungs is our primary way to breath, but what if, if it has some problem, like Lung Cancer? Did you know that it is one of the most fatal disease in the country? And mostly men have this kind of cancer. The mortality rate of Lung Cancer patients are increasing that there are 160,000 deaths in 2012. And there is only a five year survival rate for Lung Cancer. All of this facts are really getting into my nerves because not all Lung Cancer patients do smoke, most of the time the targets are the people who got to inhale second hand smoke.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified tobacco use as the cause of 70% pf lung cancer deaths, but those who does not smoke have also an equal risk of getting the disease. According to WHO, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. And usually the signs and symptoms are just like a common colds or flu.

“There is a popular notion that lung cancer is a smoker’s disease, but even those who are already living healthy and active lifestyle may still be exposed to its other risk factors,” said Dr. Ena Ang of MSD Oncology. “That is why vigilance is necessary to protect ourselves against lung cancer”

What are the risk factors for us to be able to have Lung Cancer and what are the ways we can give love to our lungs, here are some list below:

Risk Factors:

  • Smoking (can also be the second hand smoke)
  • Exposure to Indoor radon
  • Family history
  • Air pollution
  • High dose of radiation
  • Exposure ti industrial and chemical carcinogens
  • Household pollutions (e.g. heating fumes, burning charcoals)

Let’s fight for a cleaner air! We all wanted to be healthy, but most of the time we are also the cause of some of the deadliest diseases we have, like lung cancer. We can help our country or our world to have a cleaner air by avoiding burning plastics, drive less and cut our electricity usage.

Exercise more! Exercise is good for our body and it is also good for our lungs because it makes our lungs much more stronger.

Let us all be aware of outdoor and indoor pollution. We all know that the world we live in has no fresh air anymore, but did you now that we can also have indoor pollution? These are the materials used for cooking like fuels, charcoals and woods. That is why it is recommended that we use air purifiers to clean the air at home.

Use safe products. I am referring to household paints that we use at home and other cleaning materials we are using that have fumes. These things have carcinogens which can cause lung cancer. That is why we should be very careful when buying them. We should avoid with ingredients such as: ammonia and bleach.

Check for radon. Radon are the natural occurring radioactive gas that is produce when uranium in the ground are breaking. That is why we should have our house checked if radon is present in our house and within the community.

Eat more veggies and fruits. Eating more greens and fruits can also help us avoid or give some love to our lungs. It helps us to increase our immune system to fight off bad elements and cancer.


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