Want to Travel + learn the art of achieving inner peace? Join the Wellness Camp Retreat this October

Sick and tired of you busy schedule and wanted to escape for how many days? Why not try the Wellness Camp Retreat this coming October and learn the art of achieving your inner peace.

Maybe you’re asking what’s the difference of going with the Wellness Camp from other camps that offers the same outcome?

The creators of the Wellness Camp believe that physical health is not enough to live a fulfilling life. They believed that the only way to acquire that kind of life is to create strong individuals not just externally but also developing a strong core. The Camp focuses on Holistic Personal Development targeting the seven dimensions of wellness: Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, occupational and environmental wellness.



The Wellness Camp targets individuals who want to gain or improve their well-being. The camp is ideal to individuals who want to gain the following:

  • Emotional Stability (Self and Relationships)
  • Physical Improvement (Fitness, Strength and Energy)
  • Life Balance
  • Fulfillment / Life Purpose
  • Peace of Mind or Stress Reduction
  • Health and Nutrition

What will I get if join the program/retreat?

  • Airfare/Transportation (Not available for specific promo rates)
  • Accommodation
  • Daily Yoga and Meditation
  • Full Board Clean Eating Meals
  • Daily Detoxification
  • Cooking Lessons
  • Island Excursion/Outdoor Activities
  • Daily Group Life Coaching Sessions
  • One on One Life Coaching Session
  • Daily activities for Self Discovery
  • Wellness Camp Kit
  • 30 Day Clean Meal Recipe E-Book for personal use.

What are you waiting for this is your chance to escape and be a new you! If you want to avail you can go at www.thewellnesscamp.com for more information.

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