Want to have a healthy, moisturized and radiant skin this Christmas?

Christmas is fast approaching and we all wanted to feel beautiful that is why most of the time our 13th month pay or bonuses goes to prettifying ourselves, but sometimes we forgot to check on our skin if it’s in good shape. I am a lotion addict since I was seven years old, I never leave the house without it, even it’s summer time and lotion can give you an icky feeling. That is why I always trust the brand that innovates a more radiant skin in just one application.

Available Sizes for Jergens Hydrating Moisturizer:

Jergens Hydrating Coconut Jergens Hydrating Coconut.1

With Jergens Hydrating Coconut Moisturizer, your skin will surely be moisturized, radiant and healthy, because of Coconut water and coconut oil. These two imporatant ingredients coming from the miracle fruit will surely give your skin more love. Coconut Water is rich in minerals and and considered a better alternative for water. Coconut Oil is a natural oil that mimics the skin’s sebum delivering greaseless, effective moisturizing effects to the skin. These two combines together eliminates dryness and dullness effectively by supplying long- lasting moisture to dehydrated, dull skin.


What’s more is that Jergens Hydrating Coconut Moisturizer features the proprietary Hydralucence blend, this is the technology creating two layers of moisture on the skin that allows light to bounce off, while giving the skin luminosity. In just one application you will instantly see the result.

So, if you wanted to be get glowing this Holidayas better get Jergens Hydrating Coconut Moisturizer. If you want to know more about the product check their website at ww.jergens.com.ph and following them on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram


Jergens Moisturizers are distributed in the Philippines by Vibelle Distribution, Inc and are available in leading Department Stores, Supermarkets and retailers nationwide. www.jergens.com.ph www.facebook.com/JERGENSph.Vibelle www.twitter.com/jergens_vibelle

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