Want to buy local products? Head on to Robinson Place Manila as they open up the very first Go Lokal! Store

As Filipinos we should love our very own products specially products that came from different provinces. Thanks to Robinsons Department Store in partnership with the Department of Trade and Insdustry (DTI) as they launch the very first Go Lokal! Store. It is private and public collaboration between DTI and the local retailer partners which aims to showcase the products of the country.

The Go Lokal! is designed to help the best MSME’s products to be known to people. This is also away of their marketing and branding. This is also a way to revolutionize one platform where you can find all the hard-to-find Filipino artisanal products. This is not just for food, but also other merchandizes like shirts, eco bags, home decor, gadgets and gift items. So foreigners and our balikbayan family members don’t need to go to other places to buy pasalubongs and gift items, they just need to go to Robinsons Place Manila and they can get all the Filipino products they want.

Robinsons Department Store surely helps Filipino entrepreneurs to boost their products and help in maintaining our Filipino products when everybody wants imported goods. This is also a way of both parties to help in the corporate social responsibility of Robinson’s Department store and also helps in governent’s drug rehabilitation program.

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