Vic Sotto + Chooks to Go = Perfect combination!

Who does not love Bossing Vic Sotto? He’s funny, handsome and have a lot of charisma to the people + he loves to help people who are in need. That’s why there are a lot of brands choosing him to be part of their ambassador and endorse their products to moms.

My kids personally love chicken and that means any kinds of it whether it is fried, roast of with a sauce, but most of the time we ended up eating roasted one that can be bought near our place, but most of the time we’re not satisfied with it since it’s too dry and we ended up buying extra sauce to make it much tastier.

I’ve been hearing Chooks to Go for many years now and I think it was Lea Salonga who was the ambassador then, but we really haven’t tried it since the nearest Chooks to Go in our place is a 10 minute ride. That’s why we ended up just choosing the nearest to use. I remember way back when I was still in the industry, I usually just bring home cooked food and knowing that I am a Chef it’s really frustrates me because I really don’t know if the food I am serving is clean or not.

“When you bring home food to replace a home cooked meal, it has to be something really special for the family. Importante ‘yun kasi the family always expects na hindi basta-basta lang ang uwi mo” says Vic Sotto, Chooks to Go ambassador.

What I love about Chooks to Go is that they ensure cleanliness, affordability and delicious food that is always on the go. So moms like me and working moms will surely be Chooks to Go’s best friend.

So remember pag walang ulam, mag Chooks to Go na! Masarap kahit walang sauce.

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