Update on my weight loss journey + My Delicious Diet Meal for the week

It has been three months since I weigh 79+ kilograms and it’s really scary that from less than 50 kilos I gain a lot of weight in the past year and just this year I almost weigh 80 kilos. After, I was given a go signal from my doctors that I can do yoga or pilates I immediately enrolled to Vivian Zapanta Pilates Studio. I enrolled private class since my back needs attention and also to prevent doing things that will hurt my back. I was 79 or 80 kilos when I started pilates, it was very new for me because I use to carry heavy weights because I was TaeKwonDo Jin back then and pilates is more about core and doing it slowly.

After 3 months I know eight 68 kilos (I weigh my self last December 8) I was really shocked because I gain 1 kilo last, last week and surprisingly I lost 2 kilos after 2 weeks. I owe it to my two partners in weight loss Delicious Diet for supplying for my healthy, but delicious food everyday for more than 3 months and Vivian Zapanta Pilates Studio for helping me getting back into shape.

If you want to loss all that weight and get back to your shape these two will surely help you!

Here’s last week’s Delicious Diet Food which is so delicious as usual!


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