Unique and Adorable DIY Projects for Girls

DIY projects are prominent over the web – and that’s (mainly) because of girls wanting to spend their leisure time on crafts to design their room and sell them as well. Hence in light of all the girls out there who love doing these awesome crafts, here’s a list of handpicked DIY projects to commend your undying passion and of course, for you to enjoy doing!

  1. DIY Glittery Charger


Every girl wanted to mark her things to make it easier for her to identify it, especially in times that it’s borrowed. Given this reason, here’s a DIY glittery charger that would best fit your persona – and will definitely help you easily identify it in case it’s lost!

You can follow this tutorial to achieve this stunning custom charger.

  1. DIY String Chair


A room with colors help boost productivity – and if you’re bored with your plain, white chair, here’s a way to make it fancy. Just wrap a few strings, in your preferred color combination, around the middle bars then cut the loose ends to achieve your dream chair!

  1. DIY Jewelry Drawer


Looking for ways to make use of your shopping boxes? Well, here’s one! Convert your shoe boxes into the most glamourous jewelry drawer ever made. Check out the instructions here.

  1. DIY Embroidery Headphones


Going back to personalizing your items, here’s a DIY project that you will definitely love. Make use of your yarn or DMC strings to make this exceptionally pretty embroidery headphones! Check out this link for details.

  1. DIY Ice Cream Cone Flat Shoes


Thinking of doing something fab on your flats? Well this DIY project is definitely the best way to do so. Armed with craft items as per damasklove’s instructions, you’ll definitely be proud and loud about your redesigned flats! Time to show off your skills in your shoes.

  1. DIY Starry Night Bedroom Setup


Every girl has dreamt of lying in bed with stars above her, thanks to monmakesthings for making this very idea possible. Softly lighted, you’ll definitely be sleeping in sweet dreams with this starry night bedroom setup.

  1. DIY Clothes Pin Task Organizers


Clothes pin are pretty popular in flat lay pictures in Instagram – but of course, that’s not the only way to make it useful for a girl’s bedroom. Paint them up with pastel colors and mark them in days so you can put up your to-do list with them on a twine. Check this tutorial out for instructions and enjoy the view!

  1. DIY Boho Shorts


Looking for ways to make use of your stained, old skinny pants? Cut your pair up to your length of shorts and add some lace, better if slightly high, then fully turn it into a chic boho shorts! This will surely have your Mom wondering, “Where did you buy that pretty shorts?” Try the tutorial here.

Key Takeaway

Given these useful and at the same time adorable crafts, hopefully, you have enjoyed making them and love them as you put them into use.

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