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Unilab has been my best friend for ten years

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“I love Growee, because it has great taste and I am so tall now not like mommy and daddy” – Kwek Miranda

Mommies are mostly keen on the brand or product they use for their children.  Just like me, I only use products that are really effective and I see to it that my kids are enjoying it.

Its a burden letting my kids take medicines or vitamins because they are not happy with the after taste so I am always searching for that perfect vitamins and medicines like paracetamol and the like.

He loves all of this medicines and vitamins because it has a great orange flavour.

A mommy recommended Ceelin and Growee to me, because it has a very fruity flavor and her kids really love taking it. So, I decided to buy it and let them take it. At first, I was really scared, what if they don’t like it and what if they will not take their vitamins again? But, I was really shocked when they told me that they love the taste, because it’s not too strong and not so sour. (Thank God for that recommendation!)

Some of the Unilab Products that we are using.

Here’s another story, I’ve been using this paracetamol with ibuprofen and my kids would complain that its been thirty minutes already, but they still have fever. So I rushed to the nearest drug store to ask for the most effective paracetamol or ibuprofen and the pharmacy assistant and a friend recommend Dolan, since her daughter is also using it and it only takes 10 – 20 minutes to take effect. So again, I bought it and asked my son that he will be taking Dolan. And my friend is correct! It’s very effective and it takes just 10 minutes to take effect unlike the other brand that it takes forever. Plus it lessens their muscle pain when they have fever.

He’s only 8 years old, and he’s 4″11. Thanks to Growee, he’s super tall now. (I’m 5’1 tall and my hubby is 5’3, that’s why we are happy that we found Growee)

I was really happy with these experiences and we’ve been using Unilab products like Dolan, Ceelin, Disudrin, Solmux and Growee for 10 years. And I never regret listening to recommendations from other moms that also use these products unlike the previous brands that we are using that it take so much time to take effect and the taste is really awful for my kids. I always wanted what’s best for my kids and that is why I have the best partner for their vitamins and other medicines. Thanks to Unilab for making these kind of products that really suited the taste of kids.

He insisted to post this “fashion blogger” pose:

“I love Growee, because it has great taste and I am so tall now not like mommy and daddy” – Kwek Miranda

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