An Uber Adventure

I hate waiting for taxi specially on peak hours or when it is raining specially when I am with my kids. I was fond of using the apps that let me get a taxi by just a click of my fingertips. But sometimes it was really depressing waiting for them so long. When I found out about Uber on the internet I started downloading it and experimenting about it. I first use it when we when went to an event in Greenhills. But we rode a bus going to SM Sta. Mesa to have our dinner, since it is much closer to home. After dinner we saw that taxi bay is jump pack with people waiting for taxis. I suggested to my Chinito Boy that I will try Uber. Since it was our first time we didn’t know what to expect and what to look for. We even ride a taxi thinking it was Uber (iba palang company siya haha). After waiting for a few minutes a black car on a hazard is pulling aside when we saw the plate number it was our Uber ride. So we are all mesmerize about it since we are not expecting a private car, then I realized, that’s why it was called Uber: Everyone’s Private Driver.

The Uber Logo
This is from Sta. Mesa to Caloocan.

This is what you can see when you use Uber.

Screenshot_2014-09-25-20-42-58 Screenshot_2014-09-16-21-53-07 Screenshot_2014-09-13-20-27-42

It was nice a nice experience and I’ve been using it for at least three times now and it was really the nicest idea. If you forgot your wallet, it’s really ok since it will be charged on your credit card account. Don’t worry about providing your credit card info because it is really safe no over charging and they also do not accept tips. It was comfy, when you enter the car you cannot smell a strong fragrance (like in taxis) and they adjust the aircon depending on your choice. The drivers also are very careful in driving. They are very courteous, they will open and close the door for you and since it was raining the driver open the umbrella for us.

Since I wanted everybody to experience the beauty and safety of Uber I am giving away a free ride (up to P300) just click on the link and register. Don’t let this slip away. Our safety is the foremost important thing in the world specially when we are with our family. <——– Click the link to get your first ride for free.



18 thoughts on “An Uber Adventure

  1. you know it’s very nice na meron ng ganito. you’re sure that you are in safe hands, hindi ka kakaba-kaba na may masamang binabalak yung driver. gonna try this someday, lalo na malapit na ang Christmas season.. you know, long queue of line. hihihi! 🙂

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