Types of people that needs high Protein Diet + Delicious Diet Meal for the week

I always read this kind of article online were they use Protein for weight loss or for dieting. But, I am always puzzled why they need more protein in their body but they are on a strict diet. Before I start good source of proteins are: eggs, fish, poultry, nuts, beans and many more.

People who are inclined to gaining weight (Like me!)

I read on this article that high intake of proteins can help you in losing weight, but it does says that it depends on the where you get the protein. I think legumes and beans are highly advisable for large intake.

People who have high sugar intake

Filipinos really have a high intake of white rice that is why we should turn to eating more protein than carbs and sugar.


People who are in middle aged

High protein diet is best for people who are 50 and above because they tend to lose muscles and it became soggy. There is a study that people who are 50 above who increase their Protein intake help them build or restore their muscles. It is much better if they get extra proteins from good proteins like whole grains, nuts and fish and less from eggs, chicken or red meat

Did you know that I am on high protein diet with Delicious Diet? Because I am so prone in Weight gain due to steroids intake and my genes. Thanks to Delicious Diet for always taking care of my food every week for the last 2 months! This month I just maintained my weight at 70kgs due to injury that I got from running, but will get back tomorrow and hopefully I will lose more of these weight very soon! Imagine I lose more than 5kgs from Delicious Diet, Pilates and running only!


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