Have you tried Vivere Salon’s Hair and Make up?

I never ever imagined myself doing a hair and make up that’s too fancy, but sometimes you need to do because I am blogger and image are always our prime source to influence people specially if your are a beauty blogger or fashion.

I had a confession to make I am a SOFA graduate for basic and advance make up and tried to work for MAC Cosmetics for more than a month, but they require their artist to wear make up which I really don’t like to do, but I should because how can people we entice to buy our product if the artist does not wear any? That’s why I decided not to pursue and just stop my dream of becoming a make up artist.

This is my before look:

One brand asked me to be part of their Blogger influencer and I said yes this is an opportunity for me to grow as a blogger though a lot of brands do that to me, but mostly I do social media posting for them and don’t attend their events. So, this new brand partner requires me to attend the event and I really wanted to look fresh and nice, so I tapped Vivere Salon my ever favourite and trusted salon to have my hair and make up. I just wanted a fresh look and a messy braided hair.

So here’s the result:

*All photos are taken with Globe iPhone 7

I was shocked at first because I don’t see the Arcee I know with super plain and bare face. That time I have a smoky eyes which enhance my deep eyes and nude lips (Ala Kim Kardashian) and the make up artist told me that I am a black version of Ana Roces, which I am so flattered because I look so nice and beautiful (haha! ngayon lang to!).

I just love the way they pamper me and help me achieved what I wanted for my face and hair. So, mommies, girls and women out their if you are planning to have your hair and make up don’t go anywhere, go straight to Vivere Salon!


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