Tried shopping at Zalora with my new PayMaya Card!

Been searching for that perfect mommy wallet and I’ve been checking a lot of malls lately and I’ve seen a lot of candidate which can definitely replace my super old wallet, but I wanted to stay at home because it’s super traffic and I just really love the idea of online shopping it is as if I was giving myself a gift.

I found this Moschino Wallet and I instantly fell in love with it!

When shopping online I usually opt to use Paypal, but not for credit card or debit transaction just plain Paypal because foreign clients usually pay through it. Now I used may newly activated virtual PayMaya card to do transaction for this lovely!

Sample virtual card of PayMaya

Here’s a step-by-step procedure on what I did using my PayMaya Virtual Card:

Just click the add to bag, since this wallet cost so much! haha! 🙂

They click the checkout now

Tried entering the code PYMYDEC, but it won’t push through. Since its free shipping already.

I choose Debit/Credit Card option just enter my PayMaya Virtual Card. But you can use the Paypal option also and it will ask for your card details and then you can finally click the order now button after you input the details.

Then I just need to seat back and relax and wait, but I really can’t wait for it! So if you don’t have credit card you can download PayMaya App on iOS and Google Play and register to get your virtual card now!

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