Top must try at Manila Life Cafe by Manila Marriott Hotel

It’s my first time to taste the food of Manila Life Café by Manila Marriott Hotel and I must say I have my faves already! The theme is Modern Filipino cuisine and I super love the idea that they give a modern ambiance, but simpler taste to the food. Manila Life Café is located at NAIA terminal 3 which is good comfort food after a long travel.

Here are my top  favorites from Manila Life Cafe:

Sisig Rice

Rating: 4.5/5  |  Price:P350

Made of pork, chicharon, green chili, fried egg, calamansi and steamed rice. You’ll definitely love this dish and 1-2 person can share this meal.

Manila Street Food Platter

Rating: 3/5  |  Price: P270

This is a home made fish ball, chicken fritters, fried quail eggs, sweet soy dish, spiced vinegar and a sweet and sour sauce. This is a nice approach to street food fave, but a much sanitized food preparation. This is also nice to our foreign visitors to taste our most love street food in the country.

Manila Sunrise Plate

Rating:  3.5/5  |  Price: P290

It’s a bowl full of pork longanisa, tocino, sunny side up egg, garlice rice, tomato and salted egg relish. This is a staple Filipino breakfast and it’s nice to have this kind of food in Manila Life Café though the longanisa is too salty for me, but overall it’s delish and must try!

Manila Life Bacon and Mushroom Burger

Rating:  4/5  |  Price: P390

It’s made of home made beef patty, cheddar cheese, mushroom, bacon crisp and house fries. The patty was so juicy and tender and it was cooked to perfect, this is also good for sharing, like what we did we cut it into 4 sharing and still you’ll feel full after eating only 1/4 of it. The fries is super nice and crispy.

Grilled Chicken Inasal Salad

Rating:  3/5  |  Price: P280

Made of iceberg lettuce. tomato, red onions, salted egg and garlic dressing. If you are into healthy food, but longing for a not so boring leafy greens this is a must try for you.

The Ambiance

Rating:  4.5/5

I super love how laid back and modern the ambiance is and how they incorporate old Manila into a modern one. Foreign visitors will surely love the ambiance and with its little details of Manila they’ll travel back in time with old and new Manila and also learn our culture with food.

P.S.: You need to try their Purple Yam Roll, I don’t have a photo, but it’s also a must try dessert at Manila Life Café. You’ll never regret those extra calories. (Its P205)


Budget: PHP 1000 to 1500 for 2-3 pax

Food: 9.5/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Cost: 6/10

Check them out @ManilaMarriott and use the hashtag #manilalifemarriott for food posting!

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