Top 5 flat shoes I’ve been dying to wear

I’ve been using flats shoes or ballet shoes in going out to an event or just chilling out with my kids and family. Flats had always been a staple shoe in my wardrobe, since I am a mom and most of the time I run and chase my kids. So flat shoes is a very comfy and easy to slip on and I can run, walk or stride with it. So here are some of my favorite flats and wish I could buy them really soon!

Christian Louboutin Steckel Calf Hair Boat Shoe $995 at Neiman Marcus

I’ve been dying to buy a Loubi’s, but most of the Loubi’s are with heels. So this boat shoes are to die for!



Kors By Michael Kors Odell Haircalf Ballet Flats in Animal  $135 Bloomingdales

Micheal Kors has been a staple for my bag collections, but this flats is to die for and I heard MK’s flats are very comfy.


Alexander Mc

Queen Skull Ballerina Flats $545

This rocker chic flats is very nice and can transform your feet from nice to naughty.

Alexander Mc Queen Skull Ballerina Flats

Tory Burch Caroline Elastic Ballet Flats

I love Tory Burch (person) and her Caroline Elastic Ballet Flats. I love how light and flexible the shoes are and I can’t believe that I can run with it. This flats is my fave now and been wearing it for almost 5 months.


Kate Spade New York Terry Leather Cap Toe Ballerina Flats

Kate Spade is one of the nicest designs I have ever seen. Most of its shoes are very naughty in color and combines color that you can never imagine. But, I picked the tamed one which I think is very classy and sophisticated.

Kate Spade New York Terry Leather Cap Toe Ballerina Flats

I am not a shoe lover, but been dying to find shoes to die for and invest on it. This 5 shoes are very nice and I think worth every penny you spend. But, I always been eyeing a locally made shoes that can be comfy and can stand the strenuous weather in the country. If you’re looking a nice and cute ballet flats, I found a nice collection of cute ballet flats here.


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