Top 3 overlooked risk of International Travel

Traveling is a time to get away from the stresses of work and home life. However, too often people can get so caught up in planning their sightseeing tours and dinner dates that they forget basic safety tips. As a result, these carefree excursions can become more of a headache than they could have expected.

Explore the list below for some of the more common issues that international travelers can encounter during their time abroad.

Road Woes

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Not everyone views the rules of the road the same as you do. In many countries, stop signs are more of a suggestion than a law, and pedestrians seldom have the right of way.

Before booking your vacation, especially if you plan on renting a car or bike, always be sure to check the driving laws at your destination to familiarize yourself with laws and regulations. Always remember to buckle up or wear a helmet, and look both ways before crossing the street or clearing an intersection.


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Illness can ruin any vacation and can put a damper on any further traveling plans. In many countries, especially in the developing world, food safety regulations aren’t all the same, and in some places, they are completely nonexistent. The result, of course, is that it’s not uncommon for food to be contaminated with bacteria that can make travelers sick.

To avoid falling prey to potential microorganisms, avoid drinking any tap water or eating foods purchased on the street. Many places also use ice from local taps, so avoid this item as well. Instead, stick to prepackaged food items and bottled water. If you need to eat out, make sure you only dine at reputable establishments. Make sure you get required vaccines before traveling, as some diseases can be lethal.

Unexpected Climates

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People may remember to layer up for the cold, but heat stroke and altitude sickness aren’t often on people’s minds when they book a trip to some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic places. Sadly, however, they are actual problems. Travelers should always remember to dress appropriately for the climates they are visiting and bring the appropriate medications or sunscreen depending on where they are going.

If you plan to journey to warmer locales, remember not to drink too much, especially during the day. Alcohol intake can heighten the risk of getting a heat stroke, so it may be best not to have one last beer.

If travelers find themselves sick or injured while abroad, they should plan for medical treatment. Services such as MedjetHorizon can arrange medical transportation for individuals with travel protection membership through Medjet, a pioneer in air-medical transport membership, so that travelers can have some peace of mind during their adventures.

While travelers can’t prepare for every experience they may encounter while traveling internationally, paying attention to the risks highlighted above can help anyone be alert and be safe during an overseas excursion.

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