Top 4 Most Comfortable stay in Atlanta Suburbs

Nearly every avid traveler often wishes to find serene spots just outside metropolitan areas to get away from traffic, commotion, and relentless activity that characterize the modern city. Before visiting Atlanta, gaining knowledge of hidden gems and quieter alternatives to downtown Atlanta will help give you the best experience possible. Here are four of the most attractive and comfortable suburbs you should definitely consider.


Whether traveling alone, as a couple, with family, or a group of friends, the largest suburb in Atlanta offers you a memorable stay. Besides the quiet contrast from downtown Atlanta, Marietta has plenty of attractions for families with children, including Six Flags White Water, a 69-acre water park that features with a variety of water rides, slides, play zone, and wave pool.

Young history lovers and artsy people will also find Marietta unforgettable, as the suburb is home to several museums, natural trails, and nearby Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. Moreover, this suburb offers a wide range of hotel options, making this destination accessible to both the affluent and those seeking affordable deals.


Alpharetta has become synonymous with the term “reloville,” describing it a haven for young and dynamic people who relocate often for lucrative jobs with leading tech firms. This suburb is home to renowned tech players, Microsoft and ADP, which makes it one of the few unparalleled destinations for tech-savvy professionals.

Visitors enjoy the best of dining and shopping experiences, as well as an affable atmosphere with Atlanta locals. Moreover, Alpharetta offers unique attractions like The Bistro and American Girl Boutique, as well as over 750 acres of parkland that includes three arboretums. Within Encore Park, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre hosts many high-profile musicians and other concert venues.

Virginia Highlands

This vibrant neighborhood should be your go-to place in case you do not wish to venture too far away from downtown Atlanta. Virginia Highlands is Atlanta’s food and drink center, featuring recognizable eateries, such as Atkins Park, Murphy’s, and Fontaine’s, as well as new establishments, like Timone’s and Rosebud. Choosing in this sprightly neighborhood also offers you a chance to make acquaintances with the ever-welcoming locals who frequent Virginia Highlands’ main attractions. Though staying in the neighborhood will not be too kind to your wallet, the experience will certainly be worth every penny.


Suwanee is by far one of the most family-friendly suburbs in Atlanta and beyond. Family Circle magazine ranked Suwanee as one of the top 10 Best Towns for Families in 2013. Its choice attractions surely make for an indelible experience. Visitors have access to beautiful parks and open spaces, and plenty events. The Suwanee Fest is an annual two-day festival that takes place in September and features an exciting parade, family fun zone, races, exhibitors, and live performances. Suwanee is arguably the most comfortable place for traveling families seeking a fulfilling and fun-filled place to stay proximal to downtown Atlanta.

Regardless of the type of traveler you are, the aforementioned suburbs offer you a cozy stay outside the hustle and bustle of the city, while remaining within the proximity of downtown Atlanta. The special and diverse attractions to these suburbs will have you planning a return to Atlanta sooner rather than later.

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