Tips About Wine Tasting for Beginners


Wines and other Spirits can definitely bring a lot to the table. They are the kind of drinks that are known for their luxurious aesthetics and their stylish flairs. They are also known for being a great ingredient in any dish, whether it be steak or pasta. No matter what kind you choose, good wine will always remain top shelf.

In a country like the Philippines, men and women of consenting ages crave for different kinds of liquor depending on what they want and what occasion it may be. While beer and other cocktails are on the table, wine can still bring as much excitement as other drinks, with an extra touch of sophistication. In fact, one of the best activities done with wine is none other than Wine-Tasting. There’s nothing like an actual leisurely activity involving the sipping of every kind of wine available from stock or straight from vineyard.

When it comes to wine-tasting, there’s more to it than just merely tasting every kind of wine offered to you. There are certain things that should be observed when doing this activity and there’s also a certain kind of palate you must acquire when it comes to identifying different wines in terms of flavor. Either way, wine-tasting can be a challenge for some first-timers.

Luckily, if you’re ever wishing to partake in the next wine-fest, then what you’re about to read may just enlighten you on a lot of things. With that said, here are some tips you should know about wine-tasting:


Know the Right Grape

As known by everyone, wine is distilled from the finest of grapes and with every bottle of wine, there is bound to be a variety of wines for your choosing. Since wine in itself is a variety, it’s important to know the right kind of grapes they were made from. Red wines are usually made from concord grapes while White wines are made from green seedless grapes. Though there are different kinds of wines that are made from different kinds of grapes, knowing the basics when it comes to this tip is very important as it helps you differentiate different wines from one another with every sip.


Know the Right Glassware to Use

Wine glasses are the kind of Glassware you would definitely want for your cupboard at home. Not only are they visually appealing, but they’re also good for carrying more than wine in its stead.

Things are different in wine-tasting though. In this activity, you’ll come to learn that different kinds of wine glasses are used for different wines. With the knowledge you have acquired, you’ll be able to know which wine glass is appropriate for any kind you drink.


Know How to Pair Food with Wine

Another thing about wine is that it’s usually prepared with various foods of choice. There’s something about wine that makes its pairing with certain foods such as cheeses, poultry, beef, and others of sorts so intricate and complex. Depending on the flavor of your wine, this tip can teach you the best food-wine pairings, which in turn can help you with future dinner parties you have planned.

Key Takeaway

All in all, wine-tasting teaches you how to handle wine with care and professionalism. With something so extravagant and sleek as this beverage, it’s important that everyone wishing to take a chance with wine-tasting follow these steps. Who knows? You might even become a connoisseur one day.

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